Migraine Triggers and How to Avoid Them

Migraine triggers and prevention

Migraine can simply be defined as a type of headache that causes mild to severe pain occurring in one side of the head. This usually occurs when you are experiencing any trigger that can cause your migraine. When you know exactly the cause of your migraine, you are half way to managing and avoiding it. … Read more

Practical Ways To Boost Your Immune System Against Cancer

Causes and preventions of cancer

Since modern history, cancer has gradually but steadily climbed the list of mankind’s deadliest killers. Cancer is so feared that being diagnosed with it is akin to a death sentence with a clock attached to it. Cancer has claimed millions of lives to date and though certain types of cancer are curable, it is extremely … Read more

All You Need to Know About Yoga and the Perfect Sex Life

Yoga Exercise

What is Yoga? Yoga is an exercise routine that blesses its practitioner with many yoga benefits; ranging from stress relief, DNA reprogramming to improved digestion and weight loss. The best part is that it doesn’t end there. It is now common knowledge that yoga improves sexual health. So, if you are hoping to have the … Read more

Battle Ready Fuel Pre-Workout Review 2020- Does it work or is scam?

Trendohealthtips.com Full Product Review >>CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE<< During stress training and exercises, energy is lost and muscle can break down due to high depletion of proteins and other nutrients in the body; hence the need to get a supplement that gives all the benefits of intensive workouts by gym enthusiasts, athletes and body … Read more

The Complete Guide About Carb Blockers and How They Work

Carb blocker pills

Carb blockers are scientifically proven diet supplements that promote weight loss. Carb blockers which are also referred to as starch blockers work by blocking the production of enzymes responsible for the digestion of carbs. Dietary Carbohydrates digestion starts from the mouth where the enzyme alpha-amylase is predominantly found. These enzymes attach themselves to carbohydrates in … Read more