A Noble Discovery: Blood Types for Determining the Diet Appropriate for You.

Has the need to identify your blood type stemmed from a call requesting you donate some blood? Or worse still, was your blood type determined due to a dire situation, such as a need for blood transfusion arising from a health emergency? If either of these scenarios has been the prompt for identifying your blood type, then you now have another reason albeit unconventional to take your blood type seriously; your blood type is suitable for determining an ideal weight loss diet regime for you.

It’s absolutely fair if the voice ramming in your head at this moment is “HOW”. In essence, how your blood type can possibly be best for the job of deciding the ideal diet for you. However, before being an advocate for the course of “HOW”, permit me to feed your focus with the connection between your blood and your diet.

What is the connection between your blood group and your diet?

An individual biological profile is highly dependent on their genetic codes including the blood type. Although your blood type may not tally with that of your dad, mom, siblings or your spouse there is always a significant factor inherent in your DNA that defines your blood group. In essence, your blood type influences your vulnerability to diseases, longevity, energy level, physique, the efficiency with exercise and dieting response.

I guess that also answers the question of why individuals react differently when they are prescribed to different diets. For instance, blood group A will do better in a vegetable diet than a person of blood group O who will do better walking out because have saved up so much energy with the kind of food they love to eat; meanwhile, a person of blood group B will do better in a keto diet.

Determining a suitable diet with the knowledge of blood type

In a bid to make the most of the above blood types facts, it will be used to answer the earlier raised question of “HOW” the blood type can suitably determine the diet regime ideal for you.

For the various blood types, there are specific diets appropriate to boost the overall health condition of the individuals possessing them. The examples below are based on the studies of Dr.D’Adamo.

Blood group A: Studies have linked individuals with blood group A to a line of progenitors involved in toiling the ground in the course of farming activities and subsequently harvesting. For this reason, a vegetarian diet is suitable for individuals with this blood type. Furthermore, the identified health conditions in which blood group A bearers are susceptible to such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, to state a few, make the consumption of plant-based food and meals void of meat (which is the core of a vegetarian diet) appropriate. Examples of plant-based food are legumes, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, etc.

Keto diet for a blood type A person will only add more fat and if not handled may cause some heart disease.

Blood group B: Still going by the progenitor route of classifying individuals, individuals with blood group B are considered to belong to a lineage of nomads. The wandering nature of nomads made them involved in a vast number of diets. The diet suitable for individuals with blood type B should contain low-fat dairy, vegetables, eggs, fish, etc. Foods such as corn, wheat, tomatoes, peanuts, etc., are to be avoided by individuals with this blood type. The health condition people with this blood group are prone to include inflammation, an autoimmune disorder, etc.

Blood group O: This blood group is the most rampant. This blood group is found in the descendants of hunter-gatherers, as revealed by Dr.D’Adamo. Hunter-gatherers consumed less carbohydrate and high-protein based food. With blood group O, you are prone to health conditions such as ulcers, weight gain, insulin resistance, etc. To avoid these health conditions, diets that feature the following meals are ideal: fruits, vegetables, poultry, etc., while avoiding grains, legumes and dairy products.

I am A+, I fall ill whenever I eat a lot of fries for a long time; but since I understood this principle, it has been so easy with me.

It saves a lot of money, time and energy to understand the kind of food that best suits your blood type than letting loose of your body and running to diet therapies every other season.

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