Spark up Your Beauty with These Best Home Acne Treatments

Acne is a popular skin condition which often paves way for pimples, whiteheads, lumps and blackheads.

It is a condition that begins at puberty and it most likely surface in locations of the body laden with sebaceous glands such as the chin, forehead and the nose. While it is known to plague teenagers the most, every adult is susceptible to this skin condition.

Ridding the skin from the hold of acne in most cases cost an arm and a leg. Unfortunately, the plethora of balms, soaps, gels, antibiotics, and creams etc., expended on acne treatment might end up being the perfect recipe to ruin the beauty of your skin.

Aside from the medically based treatment, there are also series of home-based remedies lurking the internet with promises to make the skin flourish like grasses in the dew.

However, while the home-based remedy has been a “hit” for some, others who have threaded the same path to cure their acne have tagged it a “miss”.

This article is not about criticizing diverse acne treatments. Rather, the foregoing is going to let you in on the noble discoveries I have made about acne treatment.

In other words, you are about to glean from my apt lore and an awesome pool of tested acne treatments.

It is worthy of mention that my version of acne treatment leans towards the home based remedies. In fact, many of the items I recommend for treatment are already housed in your kitchen and its pantry.

Just before we take the leap into my version of acne treatment, you will agree with me that giving consideration to some of the acne triggers is not out of place.

Therefore, the following factors are bound to spur the development of acne.

Facial hair removal methods: The methods of removing facial hair vary; some available options are waxing, depilatory, shaving to state a few.

If the hair removal process is not handled properly, the skin tissue might contract acne –spurring bacteria.

Incessant switch of skin care products: Regularly feeding your skin with different skin care products has a huge tendency to irritate the skin and cause the breakout of acne.

Stress: Stress triggers neuropeptides, a chemical which is inflammatory. Neuropeptide can contribute to the development of acne or even worsen already existing acne.

Mobile phones: Mobile phones host gamut of bacteria. These bacteria come in contact with mobile phones because they are often exposed to different areas and surfaces.

The moment the mobile phone comes in touch with the skin, acne-causing bacteria dissipates and this can birth the breakout of acne.

Excessive sebum production: Sebum when excessively produced often gets trapped in the skin pores. This coupled with dead skin cells in the skin pores, gives rise to acne.

Below are my recipes for acne treatment:

Ice cubes: You can now add acne treatment to the resume of ice cubes. The next time acne rears its head, do not hesitate to direct some ice cubes to its location.

Placing ice cubes on acne, freezes the pores and ejects accumulated oil and dirt.

Coconut oil: We can’t seem to exhaust the use of coconut oil. The anti-bacterial nature of coconut oil also makes it effective for treating acne.

Sea salt water: Sea salt water does not stop at ridding the skin of acne-causing bacteria. It goes further to clean the cells and sustains a healthy skin pH level.

A mixture of lemon juice and salt: Lemon juice alone has proven to be ideal for eliminating acne. It contains antioxidants, vitamin C and anti-ageing properties which work together to keep the skin healthy.

Combining salt with lemon juice hastens the process of eliminating acne.

Fresh tomatoes: Tomatoes is laden with antioxidants and vitamin C. Therefore when its juice is applied to the skin, it soaks up excessive oil therein and ultimately rids the skin of acne.

Garlic: Garlic is packed with salicylic acid which is a common feature in many medical based acne treatments. Garlic is also ideal for combating fungal infections, a feature which stands it out as an effective acne treatment.

It is about time you wrestle your acne condition by making the most of the above items, which are most likely seated in your kitchen.

The success stories by those who have tried one of the methods are by the day soaring. Don’t be left out!

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