Do I Need to Lift Weight to Lose Weight?

Weight lift

Introduction Lifting weight is a form of exercise that is capable of making you lose weight and can also improves your health. But there are some things you also need to understand. Lifting weights can help you lose weight because it is a form of exercise that can burn calories from the food you eat … Read more

Migraine Triggers and How to Avoid Them


Introduction Migraine is a type of headache that causes mild to severe pain occurring in one side of the head. These usually occur when you are experiencing any trigger that can cause your migraine. When you know exactly the cause of your migraine, you are half way to managing and avoiding it. The best way … Read more

7 Top Tips for a Disease Free Life

Although modern technology is fast transforming medical practice into a state that is easily accessible to everyone, it can never defend you from the troubles caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. Instead of living a careless life expecting to get a modern medical intervention for every trouble, it is much better to live in a way … Read more

Fun And Perfect Gift Ideas For Psychologically Distressed Person


Here is giving out free gift suggestions for the psychologically distressed and the helpful quotes from different individuals pertaining to the effects of these gifts on the human psyche. 1) Chinese Marble Baoding Balls These globes are the perfect distraction to derail you from your worries and anxieties. As you rotate these Baoding balls within … Read more

Lassa Fever: Symptoms, Treatments and Preventions

Lassa fever has become one of the endemic viral sicknesses in parts of West African countries such as Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and Nigeria. It is zoonotic meaning it is an animal-borne illness or can spread from animals to humans. Its risk has further extended to Neighboring nations as the organism that transmit Lassa virus, the “multimammate rodent” … Read more

The Truth About Causes, Treatments and Preventions of Hemorrhoids

causes and treatments of hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoids, which are popularly known as piles, are an amazingly common anorectal conditions and yet seldomly discussed. Pathologically, Hemorrhoids are the abnormal distal displacement of the anal cushions that results in dilatation of anal veins. It is characterized by the symptomatic enlargement and downward displacement of the normal anal support and protective systems. This medical condition is … Read more