Top 3 Best HGH Supplements Review

Whenever taking supplements for our health and body, we should be careful about the products we choose. Most supplements have no problem slapping on a “natural” or “organic” label while being the exact opposite (chock-full of chemicals).

That’s why we have to analyze labels carefully, read ingredient lists, and search for reviews from reputable sources.

HGH (human growth hormone) is one supplement that deserves this close analysis. People who have used HGH will tell you of its power.

The hormone can lead to incredible results, and taking it as a supplement will help you build your ideal body.

However, many HGH products on the market won’t get the job done. This article will review what to look for in the ideal supplement and the leading brands.

What Is HGH, and Why Is It Important?

If you think you’ve never taken HGH before then, you’re wrong. You’re producing it in your pituitary gland at this very moment.

Hormones send signals throughout the body to tell your cells what to do. HGH’s signals involve growth, regeneration, and cell reproduction.

When we’re children, we have a high HGH to make us grow tall and strong as we move into adulthood.

One of the most common uses for HGH is for children with a growth hormone deficiency whose growth has been stunted or aren’t growing as fast as their peers.

That doesn’t mean if you give your kid HGH supplements from a young age, he’ll grow into the next Shaquille O’Neil, but it will help with children whose growth spurts are delayed or one that isn’t developing muscles fast enough.

Other uses for HGH include assisting recovery after an injury and slowing the aging process by encouraging skin regeneration. There are also several clinical uses for HGH, including kidney disease, Prader-Willi Syndrome, Turner syndrome, and many others.

One of the most common places you’ll find people taking HGH supplements is at your local Gym. Bodybuilders, weight lifters, and people who want to stay in shape use HGH supplements for their ability to repair muscle tissue after exercising. They also help with burning fat, boosting metabolism, and improving bone density.

What Natural Ingredients Help Boost HGH Production?

You can naturally boost the HGH production in your body through simple behavioral changes and a few other foods and supplements. HGH production is closely linked to how much we exercise, so if you have a gym membership or exercise regularly, you’re probably already doing some of these things.

Boost HGH Through Activity

One of the best ways to make your body create more HGH is through regular and intense activity. The first reason for this is burning body fat.

People with higher levels of belly fat produce less HGH than slim people with flat stomachs. If you find it easy for you to get a belly, you probably have relatively low HGH production levels. This is more common in men than women, but everyone experiences high HGH levels after losing weight.

The other thing you’ll want to try is strenuous and high-energy exercises. Depending on the type of exercise you do, your diet, and your body’s unique function, you can produce higher HGH levels after a workout. This result is most effective when you have a high-intensity exercise that pushes your body to its limits. However, these spikes in HGH levels are only temporary.

You can also change your HGH levels through your eating and sleeping habits. A regular sleep schedule will increase HGH production because your body produces more HGH while you sleep.

Insulin prevents HGH production, so limiting the amount of sugar you consume will also increase your HGH levels (that’s also why you should not eat before bed). Intermittent fasting can also help increase HGH production by preventing insulin production for prolonged and regular parts of your day.

Food and Supplements that Naturally Boost HGH Levels

Some of the leading supplements that help with HGH production are Arginin, GABA, beta-alanine, and melatonin. Arginine is an amino acid, and when taken by itself (without exercise), it will raise HGH levels.

GABA and Melatonin help with your sleep which allows you to produce more HGH, but the two also have HGH benefits on their own. Beta-alanine is in most sports drinks, and using it regularly while you work out will make you create more HGH from the exercise.

Other supplements you can take to boost HGH are creatine, glutamine, ornithine, L-dopa, and glycine.

Eating healthy in general will create more HGH in your body, but especially foods that are rich in melatonin and Tryptophan. These foods include eggs, mustard seeds, tomatoes, raspberries, nuts, grapes, milk, grains, beans, and meat.

What are HGH Supplements, and Why do People Use Them?

HGH supplements are tablets and powders that contain ingredients that promote the production of HGH within the body. They are a safer alternative for ingesting HGH compared to injection. Injection of HGH can be dangerous and lead to skin irritation and several side effects. Taking a supplement is a safer way to ingest HGH, and you can avoid pricking yourself with a needle.

Top 3 HGH Supplements

Below you’ll find a list of our top HGH supplements ranks from one to three. We will provide an analysis of the product as well as a list of pros and cons.

1.    GenF20 Plus

We picked GenF20 plus as our top HGH product on the market because it checks all the boxes of the ideal HGH supplement. First of all, no injections necessary. Injecting can be very dangerous and unhygienic when done improperly.

This system works on a two-system basis. About an hour before lunch and dinner, you will take two tablets and use a spray included with the pack. To use the spray, simply apply it under your tongue, let it sit for about thirty seconds, then swallow.

With the GenF20 plus, you get all your HGH delivered orally and in a package that dissolves slowly, making sure you don’t lose all that valuable HGH to your stomach acid. Its ingredients are 100% natural. That makes it much safer than competitors who employ chemicals to cut costs.

After three or four weeks of taking GenF20 Plus, you’ll start to see results. You’ll feel stronger and get a bigger pump after your workouts. Your sleep schedule and eating habits will also begin to improve. Of course, all of this is expedited if you already live a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly. Users also brag about their increased energy levels and sex drive from GenF20.

This supplement is an excellent example of how HGH is for more than just improving your workout. On their official website, GenF20 advertises their products’ ability to fight aging, reduce wrinkles, decrease body fat, increase stamina, and even make your nails stronger. It is a do-it-all supplement that will have you feeling like a younger version of yourself in a matter of weeks.

GenF20 Pros:

  • Slow Dissolve
  • 100% Natural
  • Results in 3-4 weeks
  • Increase energy levels and sex drive

GenF20 Cons:

  • Risk of allergies and drug interactions

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2.    HyperGH14x

 Any supplement that has cliche advertisements like “build lean, hard muscle” might provoke some skepticism. Without proper research, the supplements can feel like those fix-all tablets you see on the counter at your local deli or drugstore.

However, HyperGH14x was not created by a witch doctor, and it works. The first thing you’ll notice is how affordable it is. With a 30% discount, you can get a month’s package at a little over a dollar per day. That’s cheaper than most pre-workouts!

The next thing you should do is read the ingredient label. Most HGH boosters will have long lists of ingredients full of chemicals and compounds that sound like they’re from a science fiction novel. HyperGH14x keeps the components simple, natural, and easy to understand. The only things it has are 15 proven precursors to human growth hormone.

HyperGH14x also operates as a pill in collaboration with spray with four tablets taken daily. Its users have raved about the high mood it gave them. Beyond the increased libido, they noticed this with their motivation to go to the gym. People who had to push themselves to go work out found that urge coming naturally after taking HyperGH14x.

The tablets will produce in about six weeks, and in most clinical studies, the best HGH releasers have their finest results after six months. They also offer a 67 day trial for people who are unsure about the product to give them ample time to experience great results.

HyperGH14x Pros:

  • Inexpensive
  • No chemicals or additives
  • 15 precursors to HGH
  • Customers say it works

HyperGH14x Cons:

  • Six weeks to see results

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3.   Provacyl

Anyone who’s approaching their mid-30s knows that when HGH starts to decline, you feel it. Whether you’re not getting the size gains you’re used to or just realizing that you don’t have as much energy as you once did, the problem can be related to your levels of HGH.

You don’t have to scroll far into the Provacyl website to see the pill’. First of all, it will fight male menopause. Male menopause (also known as andropause) experienced by many aging men is a condition that specialists link to decreasing testosterone and HGH levels. Provacyl helps slow this process.

Provacyl (like the other supplements on our list) has benefits for sex drive and energy levels. There are several studies on their website which demonstrate this success. For example, after six months of use, Provacyl can turn back your internal clock by more than 20 years!

Provacyl also has a 67-day risk-free, meaning if you don’t like the results, you’ll get a full refund. This shows a company with faith in its product. If they weren’t sure it worked, this offer would lose them a lot of money.

This feature is excellent for supplements because humans are different. While HGH boosters might be beneficial for some men, others can have different results, and Provacyl understands this.

Provacyl Pros:

  • Helps older men
  • Designed for male menopause
  • Well researched
  • Increases energy and sex drive

Provacyl Cons:

  • Some men have reported the sex drive as dramatic.

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Frequently Ask Questions about HGH Supplements

Below you’ll find frequently asked questions about HGH supplements to gain a further understanding of the product.

How can you tell if an HGH product is working?

One of the biggest skepticisms about HGH products is their usefulness. Is the pill making you stronger, or are you experiencing a placebo effect? It can be challenging to tell. Most men who take HGH are already on workout routines, so it can be hard to know if strength increases are from working out or the pills.

The same can be said for cutting fat. The best way to figure out if your product works is to measure your HGH and testosterone levels before taking the supplement six weeks afterward. Those levels can and will go up, so taking those measurements is the most unambiguous indication of HGH success.

If you forgot to take your levels before and want to see if the product is working, then the two most common reports are higher sex drive and energy. If you feel like your teenage self in terms of sex and energy, then your product is probably working.

Are HGH supplements only for gym rats?

HGH works best in collaboration with exercise. The hormone builds and repairs muscle, so you need to use those muscles to see results. However, you also don’t have to look (or want to look like) the Mountain from Game of Thrones to start an HGH supplement.

HGH is excellent for older people who want to feel younger and stay in shape more quickly. As we get older, it’s harder to maintain our ideal bodies, and HGH can help with this. It’s just as applicable to an aging casual runner as it is to a powerlifter.

Wrap Up

Human growth hormone can be a great benefit to your health and your body. When using the right product, you will see significant improvements in your energy and mood. Use the information we provided above to choose the perfect product for you.

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