33 Proven Ways To Lose Weight Without Working Out

Anyone who has attempted to lose weight understands how difficult it can be. While gaining weight is quite simple, losing it is really challenging. Exercise is frequently recommended as a means of losing weight. Working out has a lot of health benefits, but it won’t definitely help you lose weight. That’s because exercise does nothing … Read more

Yerba mate Weight Loss: Good or Bad for You?

I have written a lot of articles on how to lose weight and I even suggested a couple of methods to engage. But one thing that I have learnt whilst writing was to focus more on ingredients that are backed up by research and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each supplement. These days many … Read more

15 Ways to Lose Weight Fast Based on Science

Scientific approaches to losing weight

General overview: What comes to mind at the sight of empirical observation, hypothesis, test hypothesis, data analyses, and conclusion? If you have followed or have been following every science class like a hawk, I am certain you can relate to the above listed as the scientific methods. Rather than pitch a tent with the several … Read more

Handy Weight Loss Maintenance Strategies

Maintain a healthy weight

There is quite an admiration around the keen need to decipher the cause of weight regain after a weight loss regime. Statistic reveals that about 90 per cent of individuals who lose massive weight, regain the hitherto lost weight. Thus, the glaring reality remains that the continuously rising health issue of obesity, is far from being … Read more

What Popular TV Shows Teach About Weight Loss

weight loss motivation

A report generated by the U.S Department of Health and Human Services, states that “the annual cost of being overweight is $524 for women and $432 for men; annual costs for being obese are even higher: $4,879 for women and $2,646 for men.” World over, there is a continuously growing report about the dire consequences … Read more


weight loss program

Rather than struggling with a watered-down weight loss commitment alone, being part of a weight-loss clique is sure to keep you active and counting down to the next meet-up. The stories by some members regarding their struggles and subsequent triumphs serve as an invaluable motivation to others; besides, the motivation from the clique translates into … Read more