Fat Binders; The New Normal Weight Loss Pills

General Overview

It is not a new thing anymore in the weight loss industry that for you to adequately achieve a great weight loss goal, you must do a reasonable amount of consistent exercise with good dietary plan.

Advisably to take your weight loss journey to the next level you couple these amazing weight loss programs with suitable weight loss pills that are of natural origin and do not in any way pose as risk to your health.

A lot has been done with respect to research on the best weight loss pills. Most common ones being the fat burners, appetite suppressant and even weight loss diet patches. Recently science has gone beyond just using best fat burners and appetite suppressants to fat binders.

This article discusses fat binders more and how you can use it to achieve great weight loss results. Read on now!

What Does Fat Binder Mean?

Fat binders are weight loss supplements that are made up of fibres. They help limit your body’s fat absorption by lowering the rate and quantity of fats stored. They assist you to lose weight fast, effectively and risk free while still enjoying your favourite meals.

Do Fat binder Pills Work?

Fat binders for weight loss are mostly made of fibres; polysaccharides. Most common of these polysaccharides is chitosan, which is gotten cheaply from Aspergillus niger mycelium and the exoskeleton of shellfish.

Chitosan unlike other forms of fibres contains a cationic charge (positive); this charge helps it to bind to anionic charge (negative) of fats and lipids. Once ingested, it dissolves in the stomach and releases its positive charges, which targets the fats in your food.

They then bind to the fats in the stomach before they are digested to produce a larger indigestible fat molecule which makes it hard for the body to absorb. This molecule is then taken out of the body as faeces thereby resulting in a 50% decrease in the amount of your daily dietary fat consumption.

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Are Fat Binders Effective?

To ascertain the effectiveness of fat binders, clinical trials were carried out to evaluate the benefits of chitosan consumption on adult individuals that are obese and overweight. After the research was carried out, it was discovered that taking chitosan at a dose of 2.4 g per day had a positive impact on the people that are obese or overweight.

It further revealed that chitosan supplementation may be a “useful adjunctive pharmacological therapeutic tool for body weight management particularly in overweight/obese participants” as contained on NCBI.

A lot of other studies were carried out where rats were used to check the effectiveness of chitosan on fat excretion. The model rats were given high fat containing diets and different types of fibres as supplement. At the end of the experiment the faeces of these rat models were collected and ascertained.

The group that was given chitosan supplementation had more fats deposits in their feces than the other groups with different dietary fibres. Chitosan reduced fat absorption by almost half of the total amount consumed.

Fat binders Vs Fat Burners

Fat binders are entirely different from fat burners. Fat binders as earlier discussed are weight loss pills that limit the absorption of dietary fats in the stomach by almost 50% and cause it to be defecated more in the feaces.

Whereas fat burners are weight loss supplements that help you burn already absorbed and stored fats. They work more on stubborn fats that are deposited and then convert them to either energy or remove them as faeces.

Most foods that we consume contain some certain amounts of fats, fat binders when taken appropriately tries to look for fat molecules in your stomach and prevent their absorption by binding to them.

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Are Fat Binders Good? Are Fat binders Safe?

Most manufacturing companies that produce fat binders claimed that it is safe. Fat binders are mostly of natural origin either from the exoskeleton of crustaceans such as crab, shrimp and lobster, or the cell wall of plants such as Aspergillus niger mycelium. They contain a cationic biopolymer called chitosan.

As at the time of writing this article there is no known negative effects of taking chitosan for weight loss but mild effects rarely occur which include stomach upset, constipation, or gas. Although other effects might occur when chitosan is used for other purposes but even at that the side effects are mild and easily avoidable.

How to Take Fat Binders?

The best fat binders come in different forms which may include tablets, capsules or as excipients in pharmaceutical products.

It is mostly taken three times a day before every main meal. Advisably you should not exceed recommended dosage as specified by the manufacturers. A dose of >2.4g per day has shown dramatic improvement in your weight loss journey.


It is contraindicated in pregnant women, breast feeding mothers and those that are allergic to any of its ingredients such as shell fish.

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