Increase Your Breast Size Naturally with these 13 Best Foods

Is there such a relationship between food and increase breast size? Is it possible that one can actually eat some certain foods that may result in bust lift?

The strategy for increasing breast size in women with smaller breast has been a decade long, from breast enlargement exercises to breast creams, breast implants and now natural food sources.

Many schools of thoughts have said that eating some certain healthy foods can help increase your cup size naturally.

Breasts as we all know are one of the most adorable features of a woman. Breast beautifies a woman, makes her attractive and increases her self-confidence and gives her a unique physique.

Breast comes in sizes, some women have bigger boobs than others, this article is specially written for those that have smaller bust and wish to increase it in a natural way, those that have tried the other aforementioned processes of breast enlargement and have failed, if you belong to such categories then continue reading to discover those natural foods to increase breast size.

The development of breast begins from puberty in a girl child and continuous till she is fully grown. Various factors are responsible for breast growth and sizes which can be hereditary, hormonal and dietary.

Hormonal changes occur in a woman and one of such hormones that can influence breast size is estrogen. Low estrogen levels can result in smaller breast sizes.

You may then ask; why won’t I just take estrogen supplements if I discover that I have low estrogen?

It is true that people with low estrogen are often prescribed estrogen supplements but these supplements come with side effects e.g. weight gain.

The next is, how do you deal with side effects of estrogen supplements?

The best and most effective way to deal with estrogen side effects is to consume natural estrogen rich foods.

Below are 13 best foods to increase breast size naturally:

1. Dairy products such as milk

Dairy products are rich in estrogen. Most milk products from animal origin especially cow milk contains lots of hormones responsible for milk production such as estrogen, progesterone and prolactin. Regulated intake of milk and other dairy products can greatly support your natural bust size increase.

2. Soy Milk

Soya milk is another type of food that helps increase your breast size. It is a rich source of protein with numerous health benefits.  It contains two powerful nutrients; Isoflavones  and phytoestrogens which work by copying the activities of natural estrogen in the body and cause the breast tissues to increase in size.

Although consuming soya milk products comes with a disclaimer that excess intake may put you at risk of developing breast cancer. Advisably, if you wish to use soya as your natural breast enlargement method, take it as specified or recommended and maximum daily consumption of 40 to 120 mg of isoflavones should not exceeded.

3. Nuts

Nuts such as walnuts, cashews, peanuts pistachios, and Pecan are rich in both protein and good fat. When you include nuts in your diet it will provide your breast with all the necessary nutrients it requires to grow bigger and further deposits good fat that will encourage bust lift.

4. Dry Fruits

Dried fruits such as Dates, apricots, and Prunes are rich sources of dietary estrogen. Adding dry fruits in your diet plan can go a long way in increasing your boobs.

5. Green vegetables

Green vegetables are what I call “support systems” in breast enlargement programs. They contain lots of nutrients that offer high nutritional value to your overall health. Popular among the vegetables that help in breast care and enlargement are spinach and brassicas, they do not have sufficient amount of plant estrogen to trigger the growth of breast tissue but they can improve the shape and firmness of the breasts.

6. Seafood

Seafood such as Prawns, mussels, oysters, shrimp and seaweed are best food to increase breast size. They are rich sources of manganese which induces female sex hormones and mimics the effects of estrogen.  Consuming these foods can increase your breast size naturally.

7. Seeds

Popular among the seeds that are endorsed to increase bust size in the female body are sunflower, anise, flax and sesame seeds. They act by stimulating the production of more estrogen in your body which results in better bust lift.

8. Fenugreek seed extract

Fenugreek is a popular ingredient that is used in many weight loss and hair supplements. Fenugreek seed extract contain a very potent phytonutrient known as sarsapogenin, this ingredient is now popular in the breast enlargement cream market. Popular among the most effective breast creams with sarsapogenin is Vollure bust lift cream.

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Sarsapogenin promotes the growth of breast tissues and underlying milk ducts when it is applied to the breast and causes the breasts to be firmer and fuller.

9. Chicken and Lean meat

This bust lift food source may come as a surprise to you, but sure it has its own little contribution when it comes to increasing breast size. They are rich sources of proteins with natural estrogen boosting abilities which are the major requirements when it comes to better breast growth. Consuming them will help you grow bigger boobs.

10. Fruits

Fruits that are rich in estrogen include strawberry, cranberry, blackberry, cherries, blueberries, apples apricots and peaches and plums. They enhance estrogen levels in the female body and support bigger breast development. Including these fruits in your diet plan can help increase your breast size.

11. Healthy oil

Many must have been having doubts with regards consuming foods that are rich in fats. You may say; I don’t want to be fat consuming these foods to achieve a fuller and firmer breast size, isn’t there another way?

Yes of course there is the way of “Healthy Oil”. Don’t criticize me yet! These healthy oils are gently applied and massaged into the breasts. Try olive oil and avocado oil to get a better breast growth.

12. Papaya

Raw papaya is rich in the plant hormone phytoestrogens, which works by mimicking the breast enlarging properties of estrogen. Many have reported an increased in breast size when raw papaya is prepared and taken as milkshake.

Advisably, raw papaya should not be taken by pregnant women and persons that are hypersensitive to any of its ingredients as it may cause miscarriage and allergic reactions in these groups respectively.

13. Wild Yam

Wild yam for breast growth contains a high amount of diosgenin; a potent phytoestrogen with lots of estrogenic effect on the female body. Research has shown that diosgenin stimulates the growth of the mammary gland.

Using wild yam comes with a disclaimer that it can cause body fluid retention which leads to weight gain.


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