Healthy Nutrition, Good Exercise and Health; It takes Two to Tango

“If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have the safest way to health” says Hippocrates.It’s not just enough to have the right amount of food nutrients in your daily meals; good exercise is a necessary add-on for better metabolism.

Having the right information about nutrients and health gives you and I healthier eating ideas; healthy nutrition facts reveals that good food is used in the body to maintain good health as much as it used to fight against diseases, prevent nerve-wracking health conditions and promote weight loss.

Observably among women of color recently, is the sudden mindfulness that obesity and unhealthy eating is ‘bad’, followed by a swift idea to adopt a specific pattern of eating called dieting; this is not a bad idea at all, I mean it’s quite impressive.

While this mindset still holds sway, some do diet and weight loss pills as a quick measure to overcome bad weight while few others take to physical fitness exercise.

Whichever way is soothing, it is always better to combine healthy exercise and healthy meals the ‘Hippocrates way’.

Why is this whole gist so important?

Your body cells need good and varying nutrients to survive and function accordingly.

The human body needs atleast seven main nutrients- proteins, carbohydrates, fats, water, fiber, vitamins and minerals; applying them in the right proportion daily makes a few significant things happen in your body system;

First, Catabolism– a term used to describe how the food we eat breaks down into forms which the body can use.

Secondly, Anabolism – a term used to describe the process by which the body builds and repair damaged cells in the body.

This means also that, your body may not break down food, build and repair worn out cells rightly if you do not combine the food nutrients correctly.

Likewise bodily exercise; the body appreciates a 30 minutes workout at home every day, little moments at the gym and as minor as a stroll sounds, it means a lot to healthy metabolism.

It helps you gain energy much like when you eat a chicken pie, strengthens your bones and muscles the way it occurs when you eat high- protein food, helps you maintain healthy skin much like the vitamin in your orange and tomatoes and makes you love yourself the more, because you are going to look much more beautiful and handsome; ofcourse your mirror is going to confirm that before anyone else.

Weight loss workout my not be necessary anymore since you already take a fitness exercise on daily bases; dieting will no longer top your to-do-list since you already cultivated a healthy normal eating habit.

But if you already got the eating habit wrong, or maybe you didn’t think that a fitness exercise would pay off and so you waited till you add some little more weight, than I have few lines of advice for you;

As Mark Twain would say, “you must learn to eat what you don’t like, drink what you don’t like and do what you would rather not do”, if you really love to maintain a healthy physical and mental body.

When you come this far, even diseases will feel insecure in such a healthy body like the one you are building.

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