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How effective is good sleep to weight loss

Good and early sleep at night is great for fat burn but it shouldn’t be a standalone therapy for weight loss; you can deploy some of the best diet and weight loss pills or exercise, else it could take so long to reach your weight loss goal.

Early sleep helps you avoid weight gain; your body, as much as mine uses healthy digested nutrients to quickens metabolism and build muscles while you sleep.

But this process is interrupted if you eat late at night while working late hours; this would accumulate extra calories by slowing down the production of muscles.

This does not just happen because you really have to eat, something must have caused that, or don’t you think?

In 2013, June 28 to be precise, the American Academy of sleep medicine reported the result of a study made at the university of Pennsylvania hospital concerning the relationship between late bedtime and weight gain.

From their report, it was gathered that when you do not sleep early at night, the body tends to produce more of ghrelin and less of leptins. Such big words I guess? We’ll have them explained.

What are ghrelin and leptins?

They are basically hunger hormones, let’s call it that way. They are to be held responsible when you get hungry and when you do not have appetite for food. While ghrelin sends signals to your brain that you are hungry, the leptin tells the brain that you are not hungry.

Leptin increases when you are thin, sick or sleep early while ghrelin increases when you do not sleep early at night or when you are fat or obese.

How does ghrelin and leptin’s reactions influence weight loss?

If you are awake at night when it’s already bed time, you are likely to go hungry; that’s ghrelin at work. These hormones are produced while you are asleep and you are likely to resist hunger when you are sleeping than when you are wake.

Actually, more ghrelin are produced when you are awake at night than leptin; you will get hungry and ofcourse something quick will be just perfect for the table. Food is ready and you are already eating. What you do not realize is that you have interrupted the metabolism your body was supposed to do while your entire system rests for the day; you just added some extra load to your body which may not digest properly before daybreak.

Only time will tell how much weight you would have accumulated from such practice. It is certain that the more fats you grow, the more resistant you become to leptin- the hormone that decreases appetite. So you are likely to eat more and accumulate more calories because your ghrelin has been activated. The more you eat, you more you want to eat more; the entire process slows down metabolism in your system and incite weight gain.

But if you sleep early at night, you won’t stand the chance to be tempted; besides, you are likely to become resistance to ghrelin and eat even healthier.

In summary, good sleep is effective to weight loss if it’s had early; since the body need some hours to breakdown and process nutrients coupled with necessary adjustments, such interruptions as late sleep and late eating will only limit the potency of good and early sleep and promote weight gain.

One more thing; someone said that if gherlin and leptine were goods, leptine will sell out leaving gherlin at the mercy of the seller.

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How effective is good sleep to weight loss
Good and early sleep at night is great for fat burn but it shouldn’t be a standalone therapy for weight loss;
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