The Four D’s of How to Stop Stress Eating

Stress eating is a state of eating food with the intention of satisfying your emotional needs rather than physical hunger.

Stress is an inevitable life experience and people respond to its enormous demands in quite a variety of ways.

Stress is intimately associated with awful consequences when not managed, or even when managed inappropriately.

The physiology of the body is orchestrated in such a way that when stress becomes chronic, there is an induction of cortisol production from the adrenal gland which stimulates appetite.

In an effort to alleviate the uneasy feelings associated with a perpetually stressful schedule, some individuals end up developing unwholesome habits such as Stress eating which culminates in harmful physical and psychological health implications.

Stress eating is simply the misuse of food, yes misuse! This is actually parallel to drug misuse which all implies misplacement of priority when it comes to the purpose of a thing.

Food intake is never a remedy for stress, inasmuch as it provides temporary satisfaction, and the dreadful implication could be lifelong!

It is expedient to understand the grave consequences implicated in the bad eating habit so as to salvage the health of many; stress eating is a significant factor of weight gain when left uncontrolled it could result to obesity.

Obesity has a long history of being a pioneer of so many disease conditions and complications such as hypertension, diabetes, osteoarthritis and lots more.

Perhaps you are guilty of this habit, peradventure you are even overweight with the desperation to shed away some fat, all hope is not lost.

It will intrigue you to know that the reason why all your effort proofed futile was owed to this habit, but hey, don’t beat yourself up because it can happen to anyone and there is a solution.

Now, take a deep breath, follow the steps enumerated below as you journey to freedom from stress eating;

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The Four D’s of How to Stop Stress Eating include:

1. Desist from a sedentary lifestyle; inculcating a consistent simple exercise schedule; as simple as 30minutes walk daily will suffice, burning the calories and lowering the circulating hormones.

Exercise is a wonder-worker; it improves your mood and reduces stress.

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2. Discipline; whenever you reach out for food, ask yourself if you are really hungry, if you are not hungry then ask yourself how badly you want to improve, its fine if you are unable to resist the urge the first time, the “will” to change is strong enough to keep you persisting and to overcome in the long run.


3. Decide to eat food that is good for you; high fiber containing food and healthy fats are readily available, desperately calling out to you because they know that they are the best for you, pause for a second and listen to them, go for them, let go of those unhealthy snacks that easily entice you!

If you really have to eat, why not go for that orange instead of the sweets and chocolates you carry about in your bag, at least you end up benefiting from the antioxidants present in the orange which boost your immune system to cope with the stress!!!

4. Do nothing, just sleep off the stress; Ghrelin also referred to as the “Hunger hormone” which is secreted when the stomach is empty in order to increase hunger, by implication, it increases food intake and ultimately body mass. Lack of sleep has been found to increase ghrelin level which results in increased hunger and obesity.

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In conclusion, it will be safe to infer that the ability to stop stress eating and the complications that accmpany it is a matter of choice, so nurture a healthy volition on what to eat, when to eat, and why you eat!!!

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