What to do When Your Skin Itches right after Bath

One might wonder why there is a sudden urge to scratch your skin as soon as you step out of the shower.

One might also wonder what to do to stop this unpleasant sensation and might even dread his or her daily visits to the bathroom altogether.

To be able to deal with an itchy skin right after your bath, you ought to know the possible reasons why your skin itches after a shower.

One or more of these reasons pertains to you.

There are different reasons the skin itches right after your bath. In this article, we will list and discuss the most common causative factors of an itchy skin.

Possible Reasons Your Skin Itches after a Shower include:

A) Dry Skin

Having a dry skin is the most common reason your skin itches after a shower.

Dry skin lacks or possess very insufficient moisture and may feel tight or itchy, especially right after a shower.

This is because cleansers, soaps, and water can deplete the skin’s natural oils that keep it supple and prevent dryness.

Those in the habit of bathing with hot water will more likely experience tightness and itchiness of the skin. In severe cases, the skin may even crack or bleed.

B) Eczema

Eczema refers to the inflammation of the skin that can result in itching and extreme dryness.

It is a chronic skin condition that can also cause red rashes or bumps on the skin.

Eczema is another common reason your skin feels itchy and uncomfortable after bathing or showering, because the skin lacks its natural oils.

C) Allergy to Laundry Products

Scented laundry products is another common cause of post-shower itching, particularly if a person uses scented products on their bath towels.

Using such towels after bathing will deposit some of the fragrances from the laundry soap or fabric softener to the skin.

This can lead to itching and skin irritation if person using them has an allergy or sensitivity to the skin.

People with sensitive or itchy skin should discontinue using laundry products that contain fragrance or dye on their towels or even their clothes.

D) Allergy to Skin Care Products

Usage of scented cleansers, soaps, and hair products in the shower is now common practice.

However, certain types of such products can spark off allergic reactions in certain people, leading to itching and other symptoms.

The dermatological term for this condition is known as contact dermatitis.

Possible Treatment Options for Itchy Skin

Having a skin that itches right after each and every time you shower might worry you enough to develop a mild hydrophobia but the good news is there are lots of ways to cure or soothe this itchiness.

1) Make Your Shower Sessions as Brief and Cool as Possible

For you, showering should be all business. Avoid very hot water and very long showers.

Use cooler water for lesser periods of time to prevent depleting the skin of its natural protective oils.

2) Cut down the Frequencies of Your Baths

The more you shower, the more chances for your skin to be robbed of it’s natural oils.

If you can afford it, limit showering to once a day. Children may be able to shower less frequently than adults, about once or twice per week, according to the American Academy of Dermatology.

You can opt for other options as this one sounds yuck!

3) Try Bath Oils

When taking a bath, consider adding colloidal oatmeal or bath oils to your bath water to help moisturize the skin.

4) Avoid Scratching the Skin

I know this isn’t easy because the body’s involuntary response to an itch is the urge to scratch.

I advise you don’t. Not unless you want the itching to get worse alongside the risk of experiencing further skin irritation and surface injury.

5) Discontinue Using Washcloths, Rough Scrubs or Harsh sponges

These may irritate the skin in the same way as scratching. If you must use, a gentle sponge will do. Something with a texture and feel that’s friendly to your skin.

6) Use Fragrance-Free Moisturizing Cleansers or Soaps

Stop the usage of products that contain fragrances or alcohol. Instead, use hypoallergenic products or those designed for people with eczema and sensitive skin.

Also, avoid products with lather or strong detergents.

7) Gently pat the skin dry

Do not rub the skin with towels, as this can also cause irritation and strip away the skin’s natural oils.

Patting dry is more skin friendly as it helps your skin reserve some moisture.

8) Application of Fragrance-Free

Ointment, Body Lotion or Moisturizer
Once you are done patting dry post-shower, immediately apply a fragrance-free ointment, lotion or moisturizer on your skin.

9) Do Not Apply Large Amounts of Soaps or Cleansers for Lather

The lathering agents can make skin dryness worse and are not necessary for cleaning the skin effectively.

10) Avoid or Limit Products that Contain Alpha-Hydroxy Acid (AHA)

AHA is an ingredient that may cause burning or itching on dry or sensitive. It is definitely not skin friendly.

Always check what your skin care product or soap is made up of.

11) Avoid the Usage of Products Containing Retinoids

Retinoids regulate epithelial cell growth, but they can be a skin irritant and worsen skin dryness.

Retinoids are chemical components such as; retinol, adapalene, and tretinoin.

Unless under your doctors’ prescription, people should avoid using retinoids.

12) Avoid Fragranced Laundry Detergent and Fabric Softener

These ingredients may get on towels and clothing resulting in immediate itching after a shower.

13) Use a Humidifier

This can be especially helpful in dry climates or throughout the winter months. Low humidity can exacerbate dry skin.

So, that’s it; I personally had the experience during the pandemic-induced lockdown.

I seriously didn’t have reason to apply my regular body lotion and essential oil before bed time because I wouldn’t go out for any reason at the time. But then I suffered itchy skin a week and few days later.

Although I couldn’t lay my hands on a cause immediately but I noticed a significant stop each time I apply a petroleum jelly when my skin itch.

So I didn’t stop applying the jelly and that was how the itchy skin got away without a goodbye.

You have the liberty to use a specific or combination of the above mentioned remedies for skin dryness and itchiness.

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