Lines and Wrinkles: Causes, Effects and Control Measures for Clear Beauty Skin

The advancement in age is bound to bring with it diverse forms of changes. However, of the many changes bound to occur, bodily changes or changes in the skin are usually the most visible. Usually, skin changes begin with fine lines which are most apparent in ones 30’s. Following this, are wrinkles.

Thus, to slow down the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, it is necessary to understand their causes as well as the measures for preventing them.

Fine lines

The initial sign of ageing takes the form of fine lines. Fine lines are marked by small lines which are often shallow. Also, they are most visible around the regions on the face that are regularly moved in the course of creating expressions.  Examples of these regions are the mouth and the eyes.

Causes of fine lines

Ageing is a major cause of the appearance of fine lines. As we progress in age, the elastin and collagen which exists in the skin will experience a natural breakdown. Likewise, individual genetics, lifestyle and habits also play their roles in the appearance of fine lines.

Preventing fine lines

There are diverse measures for preventing the appearance of fine lines. These measures all boil down to caring for the skin in the following ways

Apply SPF each day: It is not enough to apply SPF, but it is also important to also minimise contact with the sun. Further, the use of SPF will protect the skin from Ultraviolet rays and exposure to environmentally unfriendly conditions.

Skincare products: The skincare products that are particularly essential for preventing fine lines are those containing collagen-based ingredients. I can recommend one for you…

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Other measures that can be used to prevent fine lines are as follows

  • Ensure to patronise skincare products containing ingredients such as peptides and retinol.
  • Try as much as possible to avoid contact with the sun.
  • Ensure to apply SPF daily to serve as protection from the effects of UV rays.
  • Occasionally treat your skin to skincare treatments such as microdermabrasion or chemical peels.


Creases and lines on the skin are what constitute wrinkles. Often, wrinkles feature in the areas of the body that are most exposed to the sun. Examples are the back of the hands, the arms, the neck and the face especially. Additionally, the visible creases and lines on the skin which constitutes wrinkles are often due to the dryness and inelasticity of the skin. As in the case of fine lines, wrinkles also emerge due to ageing. The appearance of wrinkles is usually dreaded by people, as such, extra miles are usually taken to forestall or slow-down its appearance.

Causes of wrinkles

Facial expression: While expressing emotions of different forms, the facial muscles are put to use. Consequently, a groove will be formed beneath the skin.  Regular frowns, smiles or squints are the examples of the facial expression that can pave the way for wrinkles as we age.

Ultraviolet Ray: The exposure of the skin to UV ray heightens the tendency of   gaining wrinkles. Activities such as sunbathing and visiting the tanning booths expose the skin to ultraviolet rays. The elastin fibres in the skin constitute its connective tissue. Although located beneath the skin, the UV ray breaks down the fibres and causes them to be weaker and wrinkled.

Constantly smoking: Ageing is usually accelerated by continuous smoking. This is the case because the regular use of cigarettes lessens the supply of blood to the skin.

Broad classification of wrinkles

Static wrinkles: Static wrinkles are caused by a loss of elasticity and collagen in the skin. Eventually, the skin will begin to sag.

Dynamic wrinkles: Dynamic wrinkles are caused by a continuous pattern of facial movements. When this occurs, a crease will be formed on the skin. Likewise, a dynamic wrinkle is most likely to occur when the face forms a smile.

Types of wrinkles

There are varying types of wrinkles aside from its broad classification. Below are the types

Permanent elastic creases:

As the name implies, this form of crease lines takes a permanent form with progression in age. Permanent elastic creases are visible on the upper lip and the cheeks. Furthermore, its major cause is continuous exposure to the sun.  Smoking also plays a role in elevating the occurrence of permanent elastic creases. In the course of smoking, lines are bound to be formed around the lips due to the repeated pursing of the mouth.

Expression lines:

Expression lines are caused by a repeated movement of muscles in the face. These repeated movements eventually lead to the build-up and permanence of creases in the skin. It is worthy of note that habits do not contribute to the build-up of expression lines. Rather, in the cause of living day to day, human activities and the expression bred from these activities are the cause of expression lines.

Gravitational folds:

Regardless of how much we tend to hold on to our youthfulness, wrinkles emanating from gravitational folds are bound to catch up with us. The sole reason for this form of wrinkle is age advancement. Better put, it is naturally occurring.

Preventing wrinkles

The appearance of wrinkles is often followed by great worry. This is especially the case with the female folks. In a bid to alleviate the worries that emerge from the appearance of wrinkles, many therapies and products lay claims to having the solution for this plight. Sadly, most of these products hold no solution to the prevention of wrinkles, while a few only make negligible differences.  However, the following steps are ideal for preventing the growth of wrinkles.

  • Regularly use SPF: Sun exposure has been discovered as the cause of skin ageing 90% of the time. When the skin gets exposed to UV rays, hyperpigmentation which alters the skin’s texture will emerge. Furthermore, due to exposure to the UV rays, skin sagging and the breakdown of collagen and elastin will eventually lead to the appearance of wrinkles. Good enough, the regular use of SPF makes a whole lot of difference as they reduce the visibility of lines and creases.
  • Clothes and wears: Our clothes and wears also play their roles in preventing the appearance of wrinkles. The growth of wrinkles can be slowed down if body covering clothes such as long sleeves, hats and sun shades are worn while under the sun.
  • Putting cigarettes at bay: the skin tends to age rapidly when cigarettes are constantly consumed. Thus, it is advisable to avoid the regular use of cigarettes.

Treatment of wrinkles

The creases in the case of wrinkles are much deeper than those found in fine lines. As such, the means of treating or eliminating wrinkles are often relatively expensive and demanding.

Surgical procedure

Treating wrinkles through surgical procedures comes with a whole lot of options.  Below are the surgical procedures available for treating wrinkles.

  • Laser Therapy and Radiofrequency treatments: To boost the growth of new collagen fibres, laser therapy is a good option. It works by eliminating the outer skin layer through a laser beam while stimulating the skin underneath.
  • Dermabrasion: This is a surgical procedure which involves the use of abrasion of the skin’s upper layers. The process is usually carried out with the appropriate mechanical device, or with the use of sandpaper. Besides, the use of dermabrasion is not limited to the removal of wrinkles. It is also ideal for the removal of moles, nevi, and even tattoos. It is worthy of mention that dermabrasion comes with some unpleasant side effects. Examples include redness, swelling and scabbing. However, these effects are bound to fade away within 2 or 3 weeks.
  • Botox: Fulling known as Botulinum toxin type A, Botox hinders chemical signals responsible for muscle contraction. It is carried out by the injection of the affected muscles in the required doses. Botox has proven to be effective for reducing the forehead’s fine lines and the frown lines between the eyes.
  • Chemical Peels: Simply put, a chemical peel involves the application of a chemical solution to wrinkled part of the body. For safety reason, it is advisable to use chemical peels upon consultation with a medical practitioner.
  • Fillers: Wrinkled skins are made smooth and plump when tissue fillers such as fat or collagen, are injected into the wrinkles on the face. This process requires repetition for a positive outcome to be reached. The use of fillers comes with some measures of adverse effects such as bruises and swelling.


Some creams are specifically made to combat the growth of wrinkles. Below is an example

  • Wrinkle Cream: There are several forms of wrinkle creams, with each possessing varying degrees of active ingredients such as antioxidants, copper peptides, alpha hydroxyl acids, retinol, to state a few.

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Before taking this route to treat wrinkles, it is important to consult with a health practitioner. Below is a form of medication for treating wrinkles

  • Topical retinoid: The roughness of the skin and wrinkles can be treated with Topical retinoids. Topical retinoid is derived from vitamin A, and its use does not mean the neglect of skin-care products. As such, while on a Topical retinoid medication, it is advisable to make use of a complementary skincare product.

Differences between fine lines and wrinkles

Although both fine lines and wrinkles have been distinguished above, their differences are worth re-iterating.  The major signs of ageing are fine lines and wrinkles. Although these two terms are often interchangeably used, they have their differences. Also, an understanding of the differences between fine lines and wrinkles will go a long way to aid the prevention and treatment of each of both

Actually, there is only a thin line of difference between fine lines and wrinkles. Fine lines occur when the skin fails to relapse into its original position after folding. As in the case of wrinkles, fine lines are also characterised by crease, however, the crease is usually deeper in the case of wrinkles. Likewise, fine lines form into wrinkles as time goes.


Rather than worry at the sight of fine lines or wrinkles, it is better to apply any of the above preventive and treatment measures.

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