Major Causes of Memory Loss and the Ways Out


Many of us must have experienced some kind of forgetfulness which can be normal sometimes but how often you forget is a major factor in determining your level of memory loss?

When you forget things easily, you find it difficult in dealing with important issues.

If you have experienced such condition before or you are currently experiencing it, then this article would help you because it focuses on memory loss and the way out.


  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest pains
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Fear of dying
  • Lack of short and long term Memory
  • Dizziness


1. Alzhermer’s Disease:

Is the major common cause of Dementia.

A progressive loss of brain cells and other irregularities of the brain is known as Alzheimer’s disease.

Progressively this disease can cause Dementia leading to memory loss. This factor mostly affect people in old age.

People with this progressive disease can quickly get confused and lose memory.

The way out

Consult your doctor immediately and if you are diagnosed with this disease, it is very important you follow every bit of medical advice given to you.

2. Dementia:

Is a progressive disease that can cause memory loss as a result of variety of disease conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Symptoms of dementia include; difficulty with thinking, reasoning, language, judgment and problem in behavior.

The way out

Reaching out to your doctor to perform some basic tests to help figure out if you have dementia or not, that is if you suspect your memory issue are becoming a problem for you

3. Thyroid problem/dysfunction:

This can cause memory loss which is term as thyroidism. Most of the people affected with such condition are over the age of 65.

The way out

Consult your doctor immediately

4. Nutritional Deficiency:

Availability of balance diet such as protein, fat etc are very essential in proper functioning of the brain but deficiency in such nutritional value can lead to memory loss.

Specifically vitamin B and D are important vitamins and deficiency in Vitamin (B12) can affect your brain memory.

The Way Out

Vitamin B1 & B12 are essential for your nerve function, lack of it can lead to confusion and forgetfulness.

So you are adviced to consume such in your diet each day.

Nutritional supplements such as Noocube can be useful for boosting memory and intelligence.

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5. Alcohol:

High level of alcohol consumption can greatly cause you memory loss. If not now in the future it will.

The Way Out

Abstain or Limit alcohol consumption.

6. Medications/Drugs:

Some quiet a number of drugs can cause memory loss. Common drugs that can cause memory loss are stated below:

• Antihistamines
• Antidepressants
• Anti-anxiety medications
• Certain painkillers
• Sleeping pills
• Diabetes medications.
• Cholesterol-lowering medications

The Way Out

Talk to your pharmacist or doctor if you think a new medication you are taking is making you experience memory loss.

Alternative drugs are available, your doctor may prescribe another medication that is safer for you.

7. Anxiety/Depression:

These are associated with memory loss because they are emotional feelings that greatly affect our brain resulting in forgetfulness.

Being anxious or depress because of one problem or the other like family issues, lack of financial stability, health challenge e.t.c. can greatly affect your abilities to remember events in your life.

The Way Out

• Engaging yourself in one activity or the other can help you take away anxiety and depression.

• Exercise is another means that can help do away with anxiety.

• Hanging out with friends and family can also help.

• Sharing your anxiety/ depression with a specialist can also help solve your problem.

8. Brain Injury:

This is an injury that may result in brain damage. This effect may lead to psychological conditions.

The Way Out

Visit a neurologist immediately after sustaining from a fall or accident, so that your brain can be properly assessed for any type of brain injury.

9. Insufficient Sleep:

Sleep is an essential part of life where the brain finds time to rest, but when you deprive yourself of quality sleep patterns, it affect your brain functions.

The Way Out

• Create your sleeping schedule and remain consistence

• You may want to try listening to music that can calm you while on bed to help relax your mind.

• Off the light in your room and also wear a sleeping mask.

10. Emotionally Depressed:

Your emotions can affect your brain functions because your mind and the whole body are connected to each other.

Therefore when you are emotionally depressed it interferes with your brain and can cause memory loss

The Way Out

Improve and practice a free emotional life by engaging in activities that can help, such activities include counseling, fun programs, watching comic movies e.t.c can help limit you from things that can cause emotional depression.

11. Old Age:

Memory loss can be caused by old age due to other disease that mostly affect the Elderly.

The Way Out

Consult your physician immediately.

12. Infection:

Neurosyphilis is one of the infection that affect the nervous sytem, it causes serious infection around the brain contributing to memory loss.

The Way Out

If you think you are having brain infection or you are diagnosed and happened to have the infections.

You are adviced to see a specialist immediately before your condition becomes uncontrollable.

13. Stroke:

The changes that occur in your ability to think, concentrate and move normally is known as stroke.

Memory loss can come from strokes. This condition can affect small blood vessels causing memory problems.

In a study, memory loss itself is associated by an early sign of stroke.

The Way Out

Sometimes memory loss is a sign of stroke.

Talk to your health care provider if you are experiencing memory loss that you think is abnormal but in case you have stroke and still experiencing memory loss.

Treatments are available that can reduce the damage of stroke.

Getting the right treatment & care can help prevent permanent damage.

Also knowing the sign & symptoms of stroke can help you because stroke injures the brain which can lead to memory loss.

14. Tumor:

The presence of tumor can destroy your brain cells as they grow resulting in loss of memory.

Sudden changes that may occur in your sense may indicate you have a brain tumor.

These changes include smelling something that isn’t there.

The Way Out

Visit a neurologist.

15. Insufficient Oxygen:

Lack of Oxygen affect almost every part of the body.

It affect the ability of the brain to think well and possibly leading to memory loss.

That’s why Healthcare providers advice people to have enough ventilation while in a room.

The Way Out

The only way out here is to always make sure that you have good ventilation that can provide enough oxygen to you.

16. Distraction:

Engaging in too many activities at the same time can make you forget another or even make your work incomplete.

The Way Out

Learn to focus on one activity.

Focusing on getting one thing done before engaging in order can help reduce your memory loss.

17. Pregnancy:

In some pregnant women, hormonal changes together with physical and emotional changes can contribute to lack of concentration and memory loss.

The Way Out

This is not a permanent condition. Therefore is nothing to worry about since it can be resolve in due time mostly after pregnancy.

18. Smoking:

Study shows that ‘smokers are liable to die young’ (Ministry of Health).

And in this case, smoking is reducing the amount of oxygen in the entire body and also in the brain, it affect the brain which make it hard to recall things.

The Way Out

The only way out is to stop smoking. This act has no positive effect at all. If you are a type that can’t do without smoking.

You are advice to see a counselor or attend program that can help you out with such habit because its killing you.


Most people who are affected with memory loss are the Elderly (above 65 years old).

But it is very important for the younger ones to understand the above factors causing memory loss in order to better prevent themselves.

Remember prevention is better than care. If you think you have memory loss, do good to talk to your doctor to help give you the appropriate diagnoses and care.

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