Migraine Triggers and How to Avoid Them


Migraine is a type of headache that causes mild to severe pain occurring in one side of the head.

These usually occur when you are experiencing any trigger that can cause your migraine.

When you know exactly the cause of your migraine, you are half way to managing and avoiding it.

The best way to get rid of migraine is to avoid those things that trigger migraine.

You need to know them to find out which one causes your migraine.

Identifying it can also help your doctor to give you proper diagnosis and treatment.

1. Alcohol:

To many people alcohol is the cause of their migraine while to some taking a few cups can stop their migraine.

The best way to avoid migraine caused by alcohol is to stop consuming it but if you cannot then you can reduce the level of intake or better know your limit at which you consume alcohol that will not cause migraine to you.

2. Self medication/Drug Abuse:

Taking drugs that is not prescribe to you by a qualify doctor or pharmacist is very dangerous and is one of the factor that can trigger migraine in some people.

If you start feeling headache or sick see a doctor to help you, taking any drug of your choice is very abnormal.

Instead of curing your migraine it can in itself cause more migraine attack.

If you must take drug for your migraine before seeing a doctor, and you didn’t feel better you must stop taking the drug and see a doctor immediately

3. Stress:

Is one of the common cause of migraine to many people.

If you can change some of the things that make your life stressful you can probably change to living healthy.

There are a lot of ways to avoid stress and be stress free such as having required time to sleep, watching movie with friends, resting, spending time with people, exercise, and more to that doing the things you love.

Practicing a stress free life can reduce these trigger in your life.

4. Menstrual period:

Most women confirm that they experience migraine during their menstrual period.

This means that women are more likely to migraine than men, this is due to the changes in some hormone level such as progesterone and estrogen.

Therefore, in order to avoid this women are best advice to see a doctor for a detail advice on what to do.

5. Weather:

This is another common migraine trigger to some people.

High temperature result high amount of heat in the environment which can easily lead to dehydration which is also a trigger that can cause migraine.

Because we cannot control weather, these migraine trigger can best be avoided by employing devices that can provide sufficient ventilation or allow the flow of fresh air to provide adequate oxygen to the body.

6. Bright or Flash Light:

Some people show symptoms of excessive sensitivity to light and opposition to bright light, this is a condition known as photophobia.

To this people it can easily cause migraine. Wearing of protective sunglasses is the best way to avoid it.

In a situation where sunglasses cannot be use, is best you avoid staying in the presence of bright light or better use bulb that can emit bright light.

7. Bad smell/Odor:

Some people get irritated with some specific smell.

Bad smell can cause certain reaction to occur in the nervous system that can trigger migraine attack leading to migraine.

Avoiding bad smell and ordor that you don’t like is a good step to take in this case, smell such as some certain food, chemicals, body spray or perfume, feaces, smoke, bad body ordor, stagnant water etc.

Try to identify the kind of smell that causes your migraine and avoid them.

Also let people around you be aware of your condition so that they can avoid using such items near you in order to protect you.

If you yourself is using them you should find a way of stopping it to protect yourself.

8. Dehydration:

This is a condition whereby your body lack sufficient water to maintain it normal state, thereby leading to severe headache in most cases.

Therefore, always drink plenty of water even when you are not tasty, this practice is not only a means of avoiding migraine but also help to keep the body healthy.

9. Food/drinks:

Some certain food and drinks can cause you headache. So you watch what you eat and drink.

Whenever you get migraine take note of the food or drink you had before the migraine started.

If you discover the food or drink repeatedly causing your migraine over time, stay away from that.

10. Hunger:

Staying hungry causes the body to become weak, all the body cells including the brain cell might not work well because of the lack of food (energy) for the body to use to function better thereby leading to migraine in some people.

Eating regularly and avoid skipping your meal is the only way out.

11. Exercise:

Is a very important routine for your body system. In fact everyone need it to stay healthy.

But to some people it is a means of triggering their migraine.

If exercise is the cause of your migraine see your doctor immediately and ask of what to do.

12. Irregular Sleep:

This is another common migraine trigger. Insufficient sleep contribute a lot to causing headache (migraine) to a lot of people.

If your sleeping habit is not properly observe and you are always tired.

This means your brain and the rest of your entire body system did not have enough time to rest and refresh thereby it can make migraine attack more likely to start.

13. Noise:

Bad and loud noise affect the ear drum of many people especially the old folks, it become so irritating to them even when the noise is entertaining.

When noise happen to be your migraine trigger the best thing you can do to avoid it is to absent yourself from the place where the noise is happening.

14. Fatigue:

This is a condition whereby one lose so much strength and energy that one become tired and exhausted.

For this reason it becomes a means of migraine trigger to some people and to avoid it is to always have proper resting time and also find out what usually make you fatigue and start avoiding them.


We all have different migraine triggers.

Therefore, it might interest you to know that the overall solution for all migraine triggers is to see your doctor immediately and feel free to explain everything you have discovered about your trigger and how you feel.

This will help them give you the proper treatment and management.

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