Rather than struggling with a watered-down weight loss commitment alone, being part of a weight-loss clique is sure to keep you active and counting down to the next meet-up.

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The stories by some members regarding their struggles and subsequent triumphs serve as an invaluable motivation to others; besides, the motivation from the clique translates into a formidable desire to stick to healthy lifestyle choices.
Thus, journeying with a clique in a bid to lose weight will get you on your toes and sweating buckets as you transition into a healthier you.
In light of this, familiarizing yourself with the forms of weight loss cliques, coupled with knowing the hall pass needed to access them is expedient.
It is also worthy of mention that regardless of your location, you can team up with a clique of choice.

Therefore, the following are examples of weight loss cliques and how you can find them:

According to a study on Grouped-Based diet and physical activity weight-loss by Wiley Online Library, clinically meaningful weight-loss is achievable in a space of 12-months.

This is the case when diet and physical activities are done in groups.

Being a part of a local exercise clique requires signing up in a local gym and subsequently participating in the diet classes.

In-Person Support Cliques:

This clique offers a platform for members to discuss their unhealthy habits and struggles without attracting an iota of judgement.

Also, an in-person support clique provides its members with the support and partnership required for them to overcome their health short-falls.

Platforms such as Overeaters Anonymous and the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) can avail you with the contacts of in-person support cliques in your vicinity.

Interestingly, meetings by in-person support cliques are never held in the absence of medical practitioners.

Their presence in every of the clique’s meetings is to provide answers to the questions of members.

The medical practitioners also leave the members with healthful tips required for the attainment of their weight loss goals.

Clinic Cliques:

In some health centres and universities, a team of medical practitioners could organise a weight-loss program to ensure participants healthily lose their weight.

The medical team could comprise nutritionists, psychologists, a medical doctor among others.

To be a member, inquire from a university close-by or a health centre near you about the existence of this form of clique.

Commercial-Based Cliques:

For a price, some cliques engage their members in weight loss regimes. An instance of this form of weight loss clique is the Weight Watchers (WW). Sometimes, commercial-based cliques are in the form of an online community.

Thus, members at all levels can gain 24 hours of daily support from the online fitness trainers.

At the same time, some commercial-based cliques provide in-person and online support to their members.

There are numerous forms of commercial-based cliques in all countries.

However, a medical practitioner can assist in recommending you a good one.

Online forum Cliques:

Usually, an online forum is comprised of weight loss and fitness enthusiasts rather than fitness experts.

These group of enthusiasts share tips about diets and exercises that worked for those who have successfully brought down their weights.

Relevant pieces of information about diet plans, exercises and motivational tips are also often shared by members.

Bariatric Surgery Support Cliques:

 Bariatric surgery can be recommended by a medical doctor upon factoring in certain indices.

However, after the procedure, adhering to some life changes becomes pertinent.

As such, being part of a community of individuals trying to adapt to the post-bariatric surgery changes is a good choice.

A bariatric surgery centre can provide you with the contacts of a range of bariatric surgery support cliques.

Likewise, Meetup.com provides updates about the existing bariatric surgery support cliques.

Weight Loss Apps:

Aside from assisting in the calculation and tracking of consumed calories, some weight loss apps also create chat rooms for users.

Downloading these apps is all it takes to access their chat rooms and their social media connections.

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Self-Made Cliques:

 The inability to find a weight loss clique places no hindrance on your group-based weight loss goal.

The option of teaming up with friends, who share similar weight loss goals, remains a valid option.

Also, a local gym is a good place to find individuals who are committed to losing weight the right way.

In light of this, creating an after gym clique aimed at providing support and weight loss tips is a laudable idea.

Perhaps you have already created a weight loss group but the challenge of keeping it functional stares you in the face.

The following tips will help you revive the group:


 Establish a workable structure that gives room for members to work on their pre-set weight loss goals before, between and after meet-ups.

For example, setting meetings thrice weekly will fit into the schedule of many members and give them ample time to prepare ahead.


For commitment to remain strong, the members of the group need to reside in the same vicinity.

Additionally, closeness makes it easy to get in touch with backsliding members.

Open Goals

Attaining goals becomes more feasible when members are made aware of each other’s aim.

For instance, reducing serving portions, consuming healthy snacks, fitting into a smaller dress size among other goals can easily be realised when members keep tabs on each other.

A Small Circle

Getting five to seven members to dedicate to their weight loss goals, is far easier than convincing a mammoth of people.

Therefore, a small circle will be more effective, in comparison to a large one.

If you are yet to consider the need for a weight-loss clique;

The following are the reasons why a weight loss clique is no bad idea:

Accountability and friendship

It is easier to own up to a group of like-minded individuals about weight loss struggles.

Further, the support and care needed to pull through the struggles will be provided by the members of the group.

Contrarily, sharing your weight loss struggles with people who cannot relate to the difficulties you highlight might result in misdirection or inadequate support.

Also, whatever unhealthy habits you seem to be indulging in, will be met with zero-judgements by members of a weight loss clique.

Likewise, successes no matter how negligible are applauded; this serves as motivation most times.

Also, many lasting friendships are bound to ensue in the course of giving and accepting support to and from members of the clique.

Answers and referrals on demand

As applicable in virtually every digital community, weight loss cliques also leverage on the power of the crowd.

Many times, answers to weight-loss related questions are responded to as at when due by members who are in the knowing.

Also, members in need of referrals as regard health-related programs or events often obtain the desired responses from as many members as possible.

Finally, joining or creating a weight loss clique to access weight loss tips and support is an ideal way to get in shape.

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