SizeGenetics Review: Benefits, Results, Before and After

What is the buzz about penis enlargement? Frankly speaking, most men feel very insecure with their small penises as penile size plays a vital role in a man’s sex life.

In as much as the size of the penis is important in a man’s life the length is equally an aspect that should not be neglected. Therefore the size is as important as the length.

The woman’s vagina is very sensitive and her excitement is majorly there, so a good penis proportion will make the whole experience much more pleasurable.

A worldwide survey shows that the average penis size is 5.25 inches with an average length of 6-6.5 inches when it is fully erected.

Many programs have been designed to enlarge the penis, such as exercises, pills, and pumps. Pumps are mostly used to increase the length of the penis, pills, creams, and solutions claim effective when combined with exercises.

The place of exercise in penis enlargement is more than you could imagine. It ensures that enough blood is fully circulated to all parts of the genitalia where there was no enough blood flow before so that it becomes very active and alive.

You may ask, why am I having a poor erection? Your penile veins might be clogged and the blood flow is poor. While you exercise, the penis size and length begin to grow and you might see results in no time although it differs from individuals.

The truth is, penis enlargement is not easy at all it is a time-consuming and a slow process. You may take months of consistently working out and taking pills before you see any improvements.

To experience the desired result, it depends on the individual’s body and the condition of his penis. There is actually no general or direct approach to penile enlargement.

It can be a very challenging process to determine which methods of penis enlargement and products that you can use and follow to get all the desired results.

Have you been ashamed of your state as a man?

Has your woman been complaining about how she gets little or no satisfaction from you?

Are you on the verge of losing your bedroom confidence?

Have you tried many penis extenders and pills but to no avail?

I bring you good news, there is the ‘King of penis extenders’ called SizeGenetics.

Before we go deeper into SizeGenetics, you need to understand that this review is made to help you understand whether you are a suitable fit for SizeGenetics or not because it is not for everyone.

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What is SizeGenetics?

SizeGenetics is a clinically proven product and one of the most potent penis enlargement devices that can increase the size of your penis. It is FDA approved and medically certified with a 50% chance of increasing your penis size.

It is claimed to be safe, comfortable and qualitative with a real before and after images which most companies don’t show.

Below are some of the many benefits of SizeGenetics penis extender:

  • Helps Increase YOUR PENIS by INCHES safely and comfortably
  • RECOMMENDED for use by medical experts with a certified document
  • Helps you to easily and freely exercise to STRENGTHEN YOUR ERECTIONS
  • Helps correct penile Curvature
  • Helps you with methods that you can use to control your EJACULATION
  • Helps Restore your bedroom CONFIDENCE


How does SizeGenetics work?

Penis enlargement works similar to lifting the weight when you want to build lean muscle mass. As you lift those heavier weights your muscles are stretched and they begin to tear.

As this occurs, those minute tears will undergo what I call ‘cell duplication’ which is the ability of the cells to multiply in number and heals, these effects lead to the formation of bigger and firmer muscles with the abilities to hold more blood.

SizeGenetics work in a similar fashion.

All you have to do is to attach the SizeGenetics device to your penis, and then it will supply your Corpora Cavernosa steady and constant traction.

This traction can cause the Corpora Cavernosa cells to pull away and then split. After the pulling and splitting away, new healthy corpora cavernosa cells are formed because of cell duplication. What this means is, Corpora cavernosa can become larger in just a few weeks of using this penis traction device.

Curvature Penis

The company recommends you follow all the instructions as directed to get all the results you desire.

The use of traction technology for medical treatments of various conditions is not new to the medical world. It has been used to correct stunted legs and arms, and now in penis enlargement. It is simple, safe, comfortable and totally painless when used to correct curved penis.

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What does SizeGenetics penis extender contain?

So what are the packages that come with SizeGenetics when you buy?

SizeGenetics comes in 3 different packages where you can easily select the one that is best for your needs.

All these packages were included based on two major factors which are years of experience and customer feedback. These packages include:

Package 1: The SizeGenetics™ Ultimate Comfort System

This is the first package because it is specifically designed to give you all the comfort you need to enlarge your penis. Unlike others it does not bring discomfort even when used for a long time, it ensures you get all the comforts you need.

This package contains:

  • A58 way comfort system.

Sizegenetics device is the only device with the ultimate 58-way system on the market. It works to fit you comfortably into the device.

  • Tension system.

It comes with a Massive 2800g device that provides a maximum level of tension to your penis. This system ensures you get all the results you desire faster.

  • Multi-Functional Heads System. 

It contains a 3 Way Head Piece and Multi-Head parts which help to keep the head in place and reduce friction between the penis and the skin.

  • Leather case
    This is designed to be fashionable to get rid of prying eyes and hands!
  • Travel Case
    It comes with a travel case that helps you go anywhere with your device without anybody knowing. Sizegenetics device is your number one secret partner!
  • Aftercare Moisturiser
    This is a good cream to use after you put the device, it helps to keep your penis moistened and the device very comfortable to use.
  • Traction Powder

This is no ordinary powder, it helps in traction where weights and pulleys are used to gently pull or extend part of your body within a period of time. It helps to give a pulling effect between the SizeGenetics device and the wall of the penis. It makes it easier and very comfortable to use the penis extender device.

It also helps the device to safely stretch your penis with so much comfort and ease.

With such a grip on your penis, it can give you a sexual feeling which can result in a boost in your sexual prowess.

SizeGenetics did not leave you to chance; they added an instructional video guide in your package to show you how to use the device effectively.


Package #2: SizeGenetics™ Comfort System

Of all the packages, this is the most affordable especially if you don’t have enough cash. It has an instructional video guide to help you achieve effective penis enlargement.

Unlike package 1, this package consists of only the SizeGenetics comfort system penis extender device. It does not have other materials like the Ultimate System, this is one of the major drawbacks of this package, but to enjoy this package you need to buy additional parts that will give you all the comfort you desire while enlarging your penis.


Package #3: The Amazing Value Edition

This is also known as the starter edition. It provides all the things you need to kick-start your penis enlargement goals. It also comes with an instructional video guide that gives you all the information you need to achieve fast and effective penile gains. It also boosts your bedroom confidence.


So who should use SizeGenetics?

Sincerely speaking this device is not for everyone. Your sexual relationships and bedroom confidence have a lot to do with the size of your penis. Having manhood that is small can affect your life greatly, it can get you extremely worried and even affect your sexual relationships.

If you are someone that is going through worrying times because of the size of your manhood or has lost his bedroom or sexual confidence because of how small your manhood is? Yours may not be a small penis but your penis is bent in a way that you don’t enjoy your sexual relationship!

You don’t have to worry anymore because SizeGenetics penis extender can be your bus stop to all these predicaments you find yourself. It will help increase the size of your manhood and straightens it if it is bent. It will help increase the amount of blood that flows through the penis to give you longer and harder erections.

It is not like any other penis extender out there, it is designed to get you all the bedroom and sexual confidence you desire while you stretch your penis.

It never came without evidence, a lot of customer success stories with before and after images have been claimed and also documented. It is FDA approved. The company even went further to do what has never been done before: double money-back guarantee which you can claim if you are not satisfied with your results. This is really the peak of it!


SizeGenetics Before and After – Does it Really Work?

Not all penis extender devices come with a before and after pictures. But when you find a company that has a lot of testimonials from its users and has images to back it up with, then you should know that you have hit the jackpot!

 First of all SizeGenetics penis extender is made by a reputable company. It is 100% safe and FDA approved. It causes the penile cells to stretch and tear, these small tears undergo cell duplication which heals and the penis becomes bigger and longer.

The more the penis stretches and heals the bigger it becomes and the more blood flows through it and the harder and longer your erection becomes. These results are not temporal but are permanent results that you get to enjoy for a very long time.

SizeGenetics device is an all-round penis extender system that works effectively for both small and curved penises.

All these effects will not be achieved effectively and efficiently if you are barren of information required to guide you on how to use the SizeGenetics device.

That is why the company attached an instructional video that can guide you on how to use you it properly. To achieve better results, you should ensure that you follow the guide and place the device properly and comfortably.

Like I said earlier, SizeGenetics penis extender claims to have many positive customer reviews online which you can easily research and see for yourself.

You must have had this small penis or curved penis all your life and it has affected you so badly, the only way you can put an end to all these issues is to take a bold step and give SizeGenetics a try.

Try it not because some reviews asked you, but because you have resolved in your mind and are determined to eliminate all these problems and restore your self-confidence both in the bedroom and in your relationships. The results you get from using SizeGenetics are Permanent, not temporal.

Bear it in mind that all these results are not gotten overnight neither are they magical, that’s why the company in its honesty claims that this penis extender device can give you about 13-24% enlargement in a period of 2-5 months!

To achieve these amazing permanent outcomes, you need to wear it as long as you can during the day. It is advisable to take about two days off the SizeGenetics device when you feel sore.

Is SizeGenetics Penis Extender Safe?

Sizegentics is a device that has a lot of reviews even by health care providers because it is totally safe for use and comfortable and has gone through years of extensive clinical trials before it was made that’s why doctors endorsed it. It is FDA approved!

And this device can increase your penis size and blood flow and give you harder and longer erections.

The manufacturers ensured that all the required guidelines for high-quality medical devices are followed when making SizeGenetics products, so you are assured of high quality when you order it from their official website!

All these mechanisms are put in place to make sure you feel safe when you use this device. It does not cause any harm to your health but can improve your sexual and mental health.

Many penis extenders are in the market when you want to buy one make sure you buy the best one that has a proven record, endorsed by relevant authorities and poses no threat to your health!


SizeGenetics Final Verdict

The simple question now is, why should SizeGenetics Penis Extender device be your best and only choice on the market? Are you happy with your penis size and structure?

The SizeGenetics™ penis extender has undergone extensive clinical trials and it happens to be the only product with the most advanced technology.

It uses high-quality medical materials that are safe and do not pose a threat to your sexual and mental health. It is designed in a way that it gives you comfort and increase your penile blood flow which gives you a longer erection.

Never forget, the results you get from using this penis extender is permanent, not temporary. It has the backing of the FDA and is safe for use with no known side effects recorded. It is the best on the market.

SizeGenetics Pros:

  • It is a Clinically tested and proven penis extender device.
  • It is approved by the FDA.
  • It is endorsed by doctors
  • It is comfortable when you wear it and remains unnoticeable under your clothes.
  • It is also used to straighten a curved penis.
  • It is created from high-grade materials.
  • It increases the size of the penis

SizeGenetics Cons:

  • Results are not seen immediately it requires at least 4 weeks to see any improvement.
  • It takes time to get used to wearing the device.
  • Some of the packages can be very uncomfortable when you use it for a long period of time.
  • It can only be purchased from their official sales page.

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QUE: What results can you expect from SizeGenetics?

ANS: Below is what to expect when you use Sizegenetics

  • Increases YOUR PENIS size by INCHEs
  • Longer ERECTIONS
  • Fixes curved penises
  • Controls your EJACULATION
  • Restore your bedroom and sexual CONFIDENCE

QUE: How long do I use Size Genetics to see results?

ANS: You need to use it for about 8 weeks to 20 weeks to get about 13-24% penis enlargement

QUE: Does Sizegenetics cause any harm?

ANS: It is made from high-quality medical materials that went through extensive clinical trials, it is FDA approved and safe for you. The SizeGenetics device is the only penis extender with advanced technology. It does not cause any harm to your health but improves your mental health.

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