Three Clever Deep Skin Beauty Therapies For Dry Skin

Your skin, just like anyone else’s occupies the largest part of the human body; from your face to your limbs and other delicate parts; one has to cut through your skin before the inner part is seen.

This means that whatever goes wrong with your deep skin beauty care is an obvious outcome of a deficiency inside the body or maybe, damage from an external source; the best way to deal with it, is to eat and apply whatever skin beauty therapies best soothes you for better results.

Skin damage, dryness, skin cancer and similar skin cases would always love to mess around your skin; they gain their strength whenever you let loose of your skin care strategies both inside and out.

If you already tried out some skin beauty care tips, great; but if you don’t, you would’ve had a better advantage against their allied strokes if you did eat and apply these clever skincare natural therapies am going to tell you about.


You’ve probably not had water until you have just enough that your body desires; about seven liters of water is recommended for daily consumption although none has been able to prove that.

However, the kind of activity you engage in on daily bases determines the quantity of water you take and until you meet that daily requirement, your body can be said to be water-deficient which can result to a condition called dehydration.

Dehydration is a skin condition that can be improved by taking water and some heavy water fruits and vegetables such as water melon,  sweet melon, oranges etc.

It helps moisturize your skin and lubricate your body tracts in the inside including your throat.

After a long day or hasty walk from a sunny day, cold water bath is always a better choice; that’s just a clue of what water does- it washes off salty sweats and opens up your skin pores for proper air penetration.

Other common sources of water include sugarcane, cucumber, watermelon, apples, orange etc.

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Coconut and Coconut Oil

Coconut oil are supplements present in many body lotions and toilet soaps due to the super soothing treat it gives to the skin; it does even more when you eat coconut itself.

Studies have shown that coconut oil contains a kind of fat called medium-chain triglycerides — a kind of healthy fat that breaks down much faster and helps to push off unhealthy cholestrol.

This makes it a cool solution to dry skin due to its high absorption and moisturizing potential.

Coconut oil does not sit under your skin, not when you apply it and not when you eat it unprocessed either. It melts and sneaks out of your skin to keep it moisturized and protected from excessive sun rays.

However, it may not be a great choice for people with oily skin; it may result to other skin cases like pimples if used excessively on oil skin types.

Vitamin C

Major sources of vitamin C are orange, grapesfriuts, sweet lemon, eggs, tomatoes, and some food supplements like Bauer Nutrition.

Vitamin C contains almost everything your skin needs to fight itching, damaged and dying cells syndrome, most especially the production of collagen.

Collagen are proteins that are produced by the body when you consume enough of vitamin C nutrients.

It is about the best protein that your skin can easily use because it gains easy access to your skin to repair damaged tissues and cells.

Collagen is the reason your skin has survived the ultra-violent sun rays; we can hardly be totally deficient of vitamin C because it finds its way into our daily meals. But, lower consumption is not advisable; take enough if you need your skin beauty to give more than enough.

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Wrap Up

All your skin needs to leave in beauty is a healthy treat both inside and out; this isn’t going to be as costly as treating a skin cancer, acne or dry skin.

While we may see these therapies as common, it takes diligent application to produce an impressive result.

Nobody likes to look dry and skinny; we all like to look succulent. If so, do what you have learnt.

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