Does swimming really add up to Fitness and weight loss?

Weight loss is more a mental distress than a physical one which explains why the easiest fitness workout is very common and is mostly adopted no matter how long it takes.

If you feel lazy going to the gym, running a mile every other morning or spent so much already on the best diet and weight loss pills, can you take some time and consider visiting the pool by next weekend; it wouldn’t cost much but believe me, you’ve got nothing to loose.

You can actually burn up to 500–700 calories an hour when you freestyle, do breaststroke, backstroke or butterfly in water. Your major muscles; the back muscles, hips, legs, arms, abdomen are put to work combining leisure and exercise; that’s about the best fitness and weight loss workout.

Simple practices as pressing down your chest, keeping head, feet and hips up and holding elbow high while pulling arms backwards keeps you focused and coordinated.

Swimming in this posture with a fast but small kick produces impressive results; doing it more often increases your speed and endurance in water.

As much as I do not want to confuse flexibility with fitness, it is necessary you fit into the options at the end of your workout.

Many who habitually swim do it mostly out of fun but they get physically and mentally fit along the line; you know why? I will tell you; swimming puts your heart to do extra task, spreading the vigor to your lungs and muscles.

While you burn up excessive fats, your body builds fat burning muscles. You really didn’t have to think much about it; just a thrust in water seals the deal but you see, a lot more happens in there. You probably did know that you must swim against water current if you must come safe out of the water; now that’s a simple workout, isn’t it?

If you own a private swimming pool that’s much better, if you don’t, you may probably pay less for some hours.

You can even gang up with your click for a pool workout if you would find it boring going alone.

It’s not bad at all if you can’t swim, there is always a chance to learn; go get yourself a good tutor and prepare your mind for the best outcome.

Now that you’ve finally subscribed to fitness, good health, flexibility and strength, I hope you make swimming your choice. I’m not a swimming ambassador, just an advocate for well-being.

Now you go ahead; it won’t just safe cost, it saves you some worry time. Yes, go ahead, get on it and work it out!!!

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