The Skin Regenerating Benefits and Uses of Raw Shea Butter

Shea butter is a component of some of our everyday toilet soaps, skin lotion, hair treatments, cultural oral medications and all; but have you taken a sec to reflect on how beneficial shea butter could be if you adopt it as a stand-alone body lotion or hair lifting therapy?

Well if you haven’t, I guess it’ll be my pleasure to tell you about it; how about that?

It feels so natural when you apply raw shea butter on your skin or scalp; maybe because it’s a natural, healthy, fatty oil made from an African tropical tree (karite). This particular tree produces nuts which are crushed, boiled and processed into off-white fatty oil that has a high melting point.

Sheabutter is quite soft and easy to melt when rubbed with the palms but it doesn’t melt on its own except it’s exposed to heat.

Wait a sec! I didn’t tell you shea butter contains high amount of collagen? I guess I have to apologize for taking so long and maybe I let you know how much it means to your skin.

How much does collagen mean to your skin?

Collagen is protein that’s produced in the body due to the consumption of some sort of food nutrients; it helps to strengthen the skin elasticity and also replaces dead cells when they are dead. However, the production of collagen begins to reduce as you advance in age.

This process is however averted when you apply sheabutter on your skin. Shea butter has this natural regenerating property that saves you a lot of skin worry even at old age.

Let’s talk about the skin regenerating benefits and uses of Shea Butter

Because of the high collagen production properties of sheabutter, it has that natural potential to give your skin the best it truly deserves.

It mildly clears wrinkles and stretch marks:

Using sheabutter as a body lotion naturally on your skin or an additive mildly removes every appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks on your skin or anything else that looks like it. Sheabutter adds to cell revival and keeps dead skin alive again, removing every sign of aging with so much ease.

Maybe you didn’t know, wrinkle occur on the skin when it loses its elasticity; it could happen on the face, very close to the eye sockets and then the limbs. Applying raw sheabutter however, strengthens your skin and makes it soft and elastic adding every moisture it needs to brighten up.

 Softens and smoothens your skin

Sheabutter is a healthy fat that absorbs really fast but when kept under room temperature, it does not melt. It either melts when exposed to heat or when rubbed with the palms. The feel on the palms alone tells of its smooth and soothing nature.

It extends this natural goodness when finally applied to the skin. As a natural healthy fat, sheabutter promises 100% skin moisture plus it softens and smoothens the skin all leaving no blemishes on the skin.

Just to let you know, sheabutter has become subject to adulteration especially since its magical powers became really popular in the world of cosmetics and beauty. Be rest assured that you get the best result when you go for raw sheabutter without any additives.

Hair treatment  

I naturally have long hairs but whenever I need to treat my hair, I still go back to sheabutter. I don’t just rub it on my scalp; I steam my hair.

How to steam your hair with shea butter

  • Wash your hair with good hair shampoo and conditioner
  • Dry as much as possible with a clean towel
  • Rub a considerable amount of shea butter on your scalp
  • Cover scalp with a plastic shower cap
  • Enter the dryer for as long as it is on

At the end of this exercise, you will realize that your hair stands become shorter and darker; this is because you just gave it a good chance to melt properly and penetrate your scalp. You may proceed to stretch your hair or style as you would.

Skin protection

Sheabutter has a lot of vitamin A and E; it assures your skin of everyday protection from harsh radiations from the sun. That’s one; next is that it can be used on babies’ buttocks and pubic areas before wearing them diaper. It protects them against fungal and inflammatory reactions.

If your face has suffered so much from sunburn and cream reaction, I think shea butter should be next in your consideration table.

Sheabutter is a natural fat processed from tropical nuts; it treats your skin with the same natural goodness; what more can we ask from Mother Nature. Emphasis was so much on raw shea butter because there are so much of the white mixtures out there. All you need to do is to watch out.

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