Treatment and Prevention of Hypoglycemic Diabetes

It is a universal truth that people perish owing to lack of knowledge, and so, it wouldn’t be farfetched from the truth if I should conclude that an in-depth understanding of “Hypoglycemic Diabetes” is parallel to rescuing a life, therefore, it is absolutely paramount in the quest to save lives.

Quite an irony it is that a condition characterized with hyperglycemia could turn out to be a factor that results to hypoglycemia, I can actually imagine the conflict perpetuating your mind, but guess what, the concept is very simple and the purpose of this article is to make it even easier to comprehend!

Hypoglycemic diabetes is defined as a persistent decrease in blood glucose below 70mg/dL.  It is caused by the presence of a large amount of insulin with a limited amount of serum glucose, could be because of the increased physical activity which does not commensurate the calorie intake, also, administration of too much insulin or other diabetes medications and alcohol intake.

Early detection is necessary to be able to curtail the potential damage that could be caused by the complication, the following signs and symptoms could serve as indicators;

  • hunger,
  • sweating,
  • anxiety,
  • a headache,
  • fatigue,
  • pale skin,
  • irritability,
  • tingling sensation,
  • confusion upon waking up from sleep
  • and irregular heart rhythm.

A very poor prognosis could result to even more severe signs and symptom which include;

  • loss of consciousness,
  • seizures,
  • confusion,
  • slurred speech,
  • visual disturbances
  • and even death.

Having understood the implications associated with diabetic hypoglycemia, it will be of great importance acquiring knowledge on how to prevent hypoglycemic diabetes such as;

  • Consistent monitoring of blood glucose levels
  • Compliance in terms of when to take your medication and the administration of the right dose
  • Eat the right food, at the right time in the right quantity
  • With increased physical activities should be an appropriate increase in food intake
  • Read this article again in order to get acquainted with the early signs and symptoms of diabetic hypoglycemia and educate friends and family

On the other hand, peradventure the symptoms are manifesting already, treatment involves eating or drinking a sugary substance or anything that contains carbohydrates predominantly with the aim of raising the blood glucose level to normal quickly, but in the case of severe symptoms, intravenous infusions can be administered.

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