Want a Glowing Skin? You definitely need these Skin Glow Foods

There is absolutely nothing wrong with giving your skin the best treat it truly deserves; if you don’t, where will your body leave? It is ok if you choose to apply the best of body scrubs, creams and all of the ‘applicables’ but nothing beats ‘healthy food for health skin’.

These vegetables and fruits naturally contain special nutrients for all skin types and healthy glow; they are not far-fetched, always in your refrigerator or somewhere around your house, you only didn’t know how rewarding they mean to you.


The only undesirable thing said about Apples are its seeds which contain cyanide, a poisonous substance, otherwise, apples contain miraculous antioxidants, flavonoids and dietary fiber for the best skin moisture and glow, bad cholesterol level reduction, obesity and cancer reduction; that’s on a general note, to be specific enough;

Apples contain quercetin, a substance which fights against high rate of cellular death including some cells in the skin. When cells die off excessively, it could be messy; your skin becomes open to infection and irritation but thanks to apple juice that has every potential to restore the best your skin has lost.

Vitamin C is very significant nutrient in apples; constant apple eating makes your skin become resistant to damages from infections and bacteria. Collagen is an active component present in vitamin C which is essential for healthy nails, hair, skin and tissue rebuild including quick healing of wounds. Lack of collagen in vitamin C can cause wrinkles on the skin, skin sagging and dryness.

Apples also contain Vitamin B complex which helps to maintain red blood cells in the body including the skin. Of course you know that when you are pale, you apparently experience dehydration but with apples, you are good. Plus, apples contain 84% of water which gives it full license to keep your body and skin moisturized and hydrated all day long. Remember “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Click To Tweet


Grapefruits are very healthy for a clear skin and great for skin disease prevention. Plus it has high water content which does more wonder; it wouldn’t make my list if it did any less of the following;

They contain 91% water, much more than contained in an Apple. It promotes skin hydration and produces components that prevents dehydration and skin dryness.

Grapefruits have very high vitamin C content that works really hard to give you a healthy complexion and clear skin. The vitamin C contained in grapefruits protects the skin against sun burn and radiation; it builds collagen which promotes quick healing of wounds, prevents constipation and dehydration.

Grapefruit is a hybrid of orange and Pomelo which explains the high level of miraculous potential it possesses; it probably gives it double per time.


 With 93% of water, tomatoes are good enough to maintain a healthy blood pressure, Vitamins for good skin, prevents skin dryness and dehydration but apart from these, tomatoes have a special component which brings out the best in it.

Tomatoes contain lycopene which forms the red pigment present in the red color; ofcourse you know the redder the better. This substance is great for a clear sight. Tomatoes make almost every meal but for a batter result you must apply it in the right proportion and diversely.

It can be eaten raw, use for sandwiches and pastries and most often used to make stew.


The skin magic in watermelon is also present in watermelon seed and watermelon seed-oil; you never liked the seeds I guess and wondering how to begin a new awful habit. The entire part of watermelon are in the business of giving you a healthy body and glowing skin with enough amino acid content, lycopene, vitamins and plenty water.

The amino acid contained in watermelon promotes blood flow which amounts to proper circulation of blood to all parts of the body including the hair, fingers and nails. Watermelon seed are also rich in proteins which  promote repair of worn out tissues on the body including the skin.

Vitamin A, B6 and C present in watermelon are wonderful skin moisturizers, promote hair growth and reduce muscle cramps (especially for those of you who work out); the vitamin B contains healthy fats. Watermelons also have the presence of lycopene which promotes the formation of the red-pigment; this red pigment actually facilitates the red color present in a very ripe watermelon.

Watermelons are recommended to be taken when very ripe; it probably promises less impressive results when not ripe. Lycopene, which forms the red pigment, may be absent depriving you of the full nutrients you expect.

When processed, watermelon seed-oil is very rich in minerals and healthy fatty acids; one of the very significant is Linoleic acid which is a good skin moisturizer. No wonder it is used as baby skin moisturizer; if you want a soft and smooth skin like that of a baby, watermelon seed-oil is a good choice.

With 92% of water, watermelon is promising for hydration and a smart look; it reduces excessive cholesterol and presents your body with a physical smart appearance plus a glowing skin.

Water fruits are not only great dehydration therapy, the quantity of vitamins, acids, minerals and proteins they contain plus their color mix, makes them lovely and attractive first to the eyes. Sorry if you dislike any of them but the truth is, you can’t get the best of it, if you don’t take them more often.

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