Common reasons why people snore and a quick remedy

Snoring is an unconscious practice that many people wished they could overcome easily and it happens for many reasons.

Even a relationship or marriage can go into chaos because one of the partners snores; moving or sleeping in a separate room does not even solve the matter either since it’s is an unconscious act.

Snoring while sleeping is an indication that something is wrong with how you breathe; it happens because your breath forces a vibration in the tissue within your lungs and vocal system. This resonating vibration causes that awful sound when someone snores.

Why do people snore?

People snore for a number of reasons, one of which is;

Sleep apnea

This is a sleep issue where the sufferers experience interruption in breathing while sleeping.

This condition is usually accompanied by interrupted sleep, loss of energy, lack of productivity during the day, high blood pressure, poor focus and the likes.

So when this breath interruption happens, the next air breakout is usually followed by a loud snore which forcefully lets breathe out from the nose and throat.

Sleeping position

The way you lay while sleeping sometimes inspires snore.

When you sleep, you can face up, face down, have your mouth open or closed.

People who face up and have their mouth opened while sleeping are prone to snore loud and long.


Alcohol, especially beer, causes pot belly among men a lot and when that happens it becomes difficult to release air easily from the belly through the throat and out.

On a lighter note, a drunken person is likely to snore while sleeping even though he/she haven’t been snoring before.

Biological reasons

There are people who naturally have a thin throat which hardly permit a substantial quantity of air to penetrate at once, so this causes such persons to snore while sleeping.

This situation is very evident among kids who we suppose are too young to snore.

Other reasons why people could snore may include catarrh, cough, cold or other health issue that influences the throat, lungs and your vocal system.

A quick remedy for snoring

Airsnore-combo device and drops is a mouthpiece that soothes your throat while you sleep; it helps to clear the airwaves and permit smooth penetration of air while also rescues the potency of your throat tissues to vibrate.

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Common reasons why people snore and a quick remedy
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