5 Surprising Secrets To Creating Energy For Your Workout Routines

Mentioning that the diverse forms of workout routines are energy -consuming, is to state the obvious.

Workout regimes can take the form of walking, jogging, swimming, yoga, weightlifting, boxing, squats, playing tennis to state a few.

Without a doubt, a fatigued body cannot carry out the aforementioned forms of workouts if the body lacks the needed nutrients and workout supplements. 

Thus, the big question that begs for an answer is how to create the required energy prior to a workout regime.

Good enough, there are diverse means of creating and maintaining energy for any workout routine including workout supplements.

However, before proceeding with the means of creating energy for the body, the factors likely to drain the body of the energy it requires for workout are also worthy of consideration.

Thus, the following are the factors that could plague the body with fatigue before or during a workout regime.


In the course of exercising, the body loses water in the form of sweat. It is therefore important to drink sufficient water before and during workouts to make up for the water loss.

Also, water provides the body with energy and it also aids in the proper functioning of the body cells.


The side effects of certain medications, takes the form of energy loss. It is advisable, therefore, to be aware of the possible effects of medications being used.

Also, if a drug tends to give rise to fatigue, it is by no means advisable to discontinue usage. Rather, it is best to seek a possible alternative from a physician.

Excessive training:

When training sessions become consecutive, it leads to a rise in the loss of energy due to the constant exhaustion of the body.

This can cause serious physical and mental health damage, especially if it is coupled with inadequate sleep.

Therefore, it is ideal to leave at least two days of the week free of workout. The period will be time enough for the body to be recharged and to recover from workout activities.

Inadequate Sleep:

Adequate rest is essential to maintain agility. However, according to a report by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, over one-third of adult Americans are not in conformity with the recommended seven hours of night sleep.

Further, when the body is deprived of sleep, it will lack the required energy to commence or to go through a workout regime.

Iron deficiency:

The body will be quick to lose energy if there is a deficiency in the intake of iron-based meals.

The effect of iron deficiency is usually evident in a reduced level of oxygen to the body. This will subsequently lead to less energy supply throughout the body which ultimately will take its toll on pre-workout and workout activities.

There is a source of energy which is becoming a fast-rising option for workout regimes, especially among athletes.

Also, unlike the sources of energy that will be listed later, this soon to be stated alternative is becoming increasingly popular.

Equally, they are available in the form, of pills, bars, liquids and powders and widely known as workout supplements.

Workout Supplements:

There are numerous supplements, some of which have over time proven themselves as effective energy boosters.

Sadly, due to the saturated nature of the supplement market, many people find it difficult to decide on which is best or most suitable for their workout goals.

Generally, workout supplement is comprised of ingredients which provide a sudden surge of an energy boost to the body.

Furthermore, supplements contain ingredients such as amino acids, beetroot juice, creatine, L-Citruline, among others.

These ingredients are properties that aid performance and recovery. It is however worthy of mention that some workout supplements contain harmful ingredients which have not been scientifically proven safe.

In this case, you must have good recommendation about the workout supplements you will consider cool for body.

Aside the above stated means of creating energy for a workout, there are other means as there is no one size fit all method of getting energised during workout.

As such, the various means of achieving sustained energy are given consideration below

1. Food:

There is a wrong notion held by some members of the fitness train, especially those new on board.

The wrong idea held by this group of people is that an empty stomach is ideal to heighten metabolism.

Therefore, they tend to force their bodies to take on workout activities without supplying it with its needed energy.

Sadly, the notion of working out without providing the body with energy in the form of food does more harm than good.

The last meal taken before hitting the road or gym in the early hours of the morning is the previous day’s dinner which must have been hours prior. As such, the blood glucose will be near deterioration.

Consequently, the body will be forced to convert its amino acids which hitherto forms the body’s muscle mass, into glucose.

In other words, rather than burning fat, the body will only be in a position to use up muscle tissue.

Therefore, it is advisable to eat a small and nutritious meal before commencing workout activities.

Examples of foods and fruits that are particularly appropriate for providing the body with pre-workout energy include bananas, watermelon; peach, pineapples etc.

On the other hand, the ideal pre-workout foods are potatoes, oatmeal, boiled eggs, whole grain bread, brown rice to state a few.

Likewise, it is also important to refuel the body after working out. Thus, it is safe to state that the food eaten before and after working out are major determinants of the success or otherwise of a workout regime.

2. Sleep:

Inadequate sleep as previously stated is a cause of reduced energy before and during workouts.

Thus, it is important to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep for increased body energy and better performance.

For instance, lifting weights will be more tedious when the body lacks energy due to inadequate sleep.

Additionally, research has revealed that sleep enhances muscle growth and muscle repair.

3. Self-motivate:

The impact of motivation in creating energy to the body goes beyond the physical. In fact, it is best considered a mental approach for energising the body.

Further, self-motivation for a workout is often based on the desire to be in shape and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

However, there might be other motivation for hitting the road or gym for a workout regime.

4. Music:

The remedy for the lack of energy is not limited to physical conditions or measures. There are psychological means of creating and maintaining energy for a workout.

Aside from self-motivation which also is a psychological remedy for the lack of energy, music also plays a role in minimising tiredness and dulling pain before and during a working out.

Chemicals with feel-good appeal such as dopamine and opioids are released to the brain when music is listened to.

Research has also revealed a correlation between the tempo of music listened to, and the neurons of the brain.

Thus, when the tempo of the music being listened to synchronise with the brain, workout motions like jogging, running, skipping etc., can be repeated.

5. Caffeine:

The main effect caffeine has on the body is alertness and better physical performance. However, its adverse effects might take the form of insomnia, stomach upset, heartburn etc.,

Therefore, when it comes to deriving pre-workout energy from caffeine, it is really important to be conscious of the quantity consumed.

Also, the subsequent effect it has on your body (positive or negative) should not go unnoticed.

The recommendation for caffeine consumption in a day is 300-400mg.  

Although it has its source in cacao and coffee beans, in recent times, caffeine have also become a component of certain food and drinks.

Aside from improving physical performances; it also enhances the central nervous system. Therefore, it is ideal for creating the required energy for workouts.

Who needs workout supplements?

The rave around the use of workout supplements seems to be going nowhere soon. This situation is even more evident with the variety of supplement brands that are daily gaining entrance into the market.

Its rampant use for amassing energy can be linked to the glamorous marketing by the various supplements brands, packed with promises that are sometimes hard to believe.

As a result, many people continually tilt towards its use, while side-lining other alternatives.

In a bid to identify those who need workout supplement, it becomes pertinent to give a closer look to its content.

Below is a broader look at the main contents of some workout supplements.


Caffeine is a major component of most workout supplements. As already stated its properties enhance performance and also gives a boost to the central nervous system.


Carbohydrate features in many workout supplements. Already, the fact that carbohydrate provides the body with energy is general knowledge.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that it is contained in some workout supplements to enhance the level of energy in the body.

Creatine monohydrate:

Creatine monohydrate has its source in three amino acids, all of which are generated naturally in the body, and eventually contained in the body’s muscles, to provide the body with a rapid source of energy when required.

Beetroot Juice:

There are inorganic nitrates in beetroot juice. Upon consumption, the inorganic nitrates convert to nitric oxide in the body.

Nitric oxide has been observed to expand the blood vessels in the body, which by extension result in an increase in blood flow while minimising how much the heart will work during workout sessions.

In summary, beetroot enhances the body’s endurance during aerobics.


The blood vessels of the body become dilated when arginine is introduced to the body system.

Also, arginine provides nutrients and increased oxygen to the active muscle of the body. The effect of this is the ability of the body to work longer and harder.

There are numerous ingredients comprise a workout supplement; with the above being some of the major ingredients in most of them.

The susceptibility of consumers to workout supplements with harmful ingredients is one major cause of concern, and it’s also reason enough to think twice before engaging workout supplements.

From the above-listed ingredients of most workout supplements, it is evident that at the core of workout supplements are essential nutrients.

Besides, there is the potential harm that could arise from the use of workout supplements containing the right ingredients but in excessive quantity.

To answer the question of who can use a workout supplement, it should be mentioned that it is ideal for virtually every individual who is engaged in workout activities and who often experiences a lack of energy.

However, in light of the inherent adverse effects of workout supplements, it is safe to derive the nutrients available in workout supplements from natural sources, in the form of food. And if supplement must be taken, moderation should be applied.

Also, it is safer to engage in the use of supplements based on a physician’s recommendation. It is particularly worthy of mention that supplements cannot take the place of food.

As such, nutrients from food should not be ignored or lessened due to the use of supplements.

When should supplements be taken for best result?

The time frame shortly before commencing workout or the time shortly preceding a workout regime, are the times most ideal to use a workout supplement.

Taking supplements before a workout should be done with some measure of consciousness.

The term “shortly” which was ascribed to the timing above does not translate to the use of supplements in the locker room.

When workout supplements are taken just before the commencement of workout regimes, the energy-enabling ingredients of the supplements will have no time to take the desired effect.

Thus, it is advisable to use workout supplements immediately after rising from the bed. By so doing, the workout supplement would have lasted for close to an hour before the workout begins.

Also, the workout supplement would have enough time to settle into the body system and to carry out the task of energising the body.

Likewise, it is not out of place to split the daily dosage of supplements to fit into the entire day.

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